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"Boy, you sure you want to meddle in other people's business? There are so many women in the world, don't lose your life because of a woman."

Ou Lei was absolutely unwilling to lose in manner, so he did not forget to ruthlessly warn Yun Xiao even now. As long as this man was sensible, he would not be enemies with the Freedom Alliance. However, Yun Xiao had always been sparing with his words. He was a strong believer of the adage that actions spoke louder than words.

Hence, Ou Lei did not receive an answer and was instead met with a falcon-like figure appearing before his eyes.

Ou Lei's expression shifted, and he met the other man's attack. Instantly, a numb feeling spread from his arm to the rest of his body, making him take a few steps back and spit out a mouthful of blood.

At this time, Ji Jiutian had killed all of the reverent-gods in front of him and slowly walked to Yun Xiao's side. With his chin raised, he asked, "Do you need this lord's help?"

Yun Xiao's voice was as cool as always. "No need!"

Ji Jiutian smiled alluringly and descended from the sky, standing in front of Yun Luofeng.

With Yun Xiao's strength, Ou Lei was not his match indeed, and Yun Xiao's actions quickly proved Ji Jiutian's words.

Ou Lei had nearly exhausted all of his strength from fighting with Yun Luofeng earlier, so he did not have any energy left to ward Yun Xiao off. Of course, even if he did not fight with Yun Luofeng earlier, he still would not be a match for Yun Xiao.

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Mo Qiancheng was ardently watching Yun Luofeng. When he saw the deep love in her eyes, he felt like needles were pricking his heart, unbearably painful.

"Jueqian, you didn't love me in your last life, but this life, you still don't like me?" He cast down his eyes to cover up the anguish in his eyes.

"I originally wanted to kill that man, but unfortunately, I can't kill him with my current strength."

"More importantly, I don't want you… to hate me."

I don't want you to hate me, that's all. I once committed an enormous mistake and brought about your hate. So now, what I am most afraid of seeing is your eyes filled with hatred…

If this man is truly your choice, then should I let you go?

Mo Qiancheng did not know what choice he should make. He found himself at a loss. After a final glance at Yun Luofeng, he turned around and left this place.

It was enough for him to know that she was safe and sound.

Mo Qiancheng harshly bit his lips, his handsome face pale, and tears of longing rolled around his eyes. However, in the end, he understood that he would not be able to eliminate the hate in her heart regardless of what he did.

She hated him!

He was able to tell since he first tried to kill Yun Xiao. Otherwise, she would not keep so many people around her—except for him.

"Jueqian, if there's a next life, then I wish… to not be acquainted with you again."

He had waited for him for so many years—waited until his heart grew battered with fatigue! Perhaps it was time for him to attempt to let go…


In the air, Ou Lei's physical strength gradually decreased and he found it very difficult to deal with the other man. Just when he could not hold on any longer, Yun Xiao sharply kicked him down from the sky, and he fell in front of Bai Ling with a bang.

A deep crater was created on the ground from his fall.

Yun Xiao walked from the sky to Yun Luofeng's side, his pitch-black eyes filled with tenderness. "Feng'er, I arrived late…"
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