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Trapped with Tycoon 269 is Bella back to runway?

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Allan dressed up and went to his in-law family house. He found out that his family house is empty. He got news from the housekeeper that the young madame is in hospital at the moment. She was so depressed, and Mr Eddie took care of her every day. Allan smashed the vase nearby to vent his anger. His phone rang nonstop from his mother to Zhen Er. He got this massive headache from the company to his family problem.

In Song family, he could see that the house was prepared for funeral. He asked to one of the workers nearby about the occasion. He found out about Eric tragic death from the triad. He walked inside the house where he found out Mr Song pale face and Madame Song angry face. He wants to atone his wrongdoing. However, it was all his parent fault. He did not want this marriage in the first place. His heart and eyes set to Cecile. Allan tried his best to pursue his in-law and tried to step up as Annie husband. Annie's mother hit him hard with stick until Madame Xie come and saw his son getting beat up. She feels so angry and aggrieved with her in-law treatment to his son. She was in really bad argument with Madame Song for her precious son. Madame Song feels so offended and asked Eddie to kick them out from their house. The Song family declared that their family ties severed from this moment. Madame Xie was fuming angry with their treatment to her family. Xie family still has prestige in Imperial City.

Madame Xie dragged Allan back home. He could see his dad live happily without any burden about the company. He still behaves as a mighty king who have everything in this world. Even his mother has to tiptoeing around his father. She even afraid to disturb him when he is watching television or reading his newspaper. He hated to be at his home and facing his father and his mother. He pitied his mother who live as a victim from his father abusive relationship. She will behave as normal Madame Xie in the outside but as soon as she is back to the house. She become his father slave who can not utter any word that will upset her master. Apparently, Allan was witnessing so many sick roles plays between his parent. He did realise that he become as his father. He will treat women as his trophy or his toys. He went to his room and his mother followed him. She wants him to take the house dowry from Annie and sell it. It will sell with really high price as the house located inside of Shin mansion estate. They did not realise about the house already become Bella. Eddie persuade Madame Song to use the house as collateral in the Max company.

Madame Xie blinded with the house price and persuaded the muddled head Allan in the room. She wants to get the house certificate and get it on the market as soon as possible. The fact that Madame Xie is in the verge of asking her son money to put food on the table or start selling some of her stuff. Apparently, Mr Xie already take all her dowry and jewellery. He sells all of it to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Liam smiled to know all the chaos happened into Allan life. He has to pay every pain happen in Liam body thrice back. Jun sent encrypted message to ask Liam to lend him hand to attack Mr Xu homebased in Nepal. However, he needs to wait until Mike ready to lure him out from Nepal.

Bella walked out from her room to eat her late lunch when Toni barked into the house with his manager and Mike assistant tailed him.

"Bella saved me please…" he walked toward her and stand behind her.

"How are you, Bella? Where have you been?" Bella demand an answer from Tony.

"How are you my dear? Now, can you please save me…" Tony put her as his shield in front of Mike assistant and his manager.

"Bella, if you know his demand… you will not help him…" Tony's assistant told her.

"What did you do this time?" Bella put her hand into his waist and facing to Tony.

"They want me to abandon you and pair with new model, Bianca Gu. I stubbornly refused to work with anyone but you," Tony told her naively.

"See… He tried to ruin his career… he told us to talk you out and become his partner…" Tony manager company to her.

"Tony, you have to understand my position. Look at me… Look at my big stomach," Bella showed him her belly.

"We can photoshop you… anyway, Lorenzo wanted you also… he knows about your pregnancy and he made you a special finale outfit as his angel. Your body still hold a good curve and your boobs getting sexier. Did you get an implant?" Tony tried to touch her boobs with his index finger. Bella cover her boobs straight away with her two hand.

"Is Lorenzo in imperial city? I am not hopping to Italy for his show…" Bella hold his arm and escort him into the dining room.

"Yes… he moved his show from Milan to Imperial for you… he made a package of exclusively for his show include plane and accommodation. However, you know all his buyer are rich lady. They do not need a special package to come and watch to his show. His show ticket already sold off," Tony explained to her.

"But I did not get contacted? Are you sure?" Bella confirmed it to him. Tony took off his phone from his pocket and called Lorenzo straight away. He put it in loudspeaker and Bella can hear from Lorenzo's mouth herself for the invitation. Apparently, the contract for Bella got sabotaged by Bianca assistant and never got delivered. Lorenzo confirmed it with his assistant. He despises for all backstabber in entertainment industry. He blacklisted her for all his show and spread the word among his colleague.

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