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When She Finds Love In Music! 74 Tomorrow Is A New Day!

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Hazel fliped the document and shocked, " Are you serious Athira?"

Athira smile nonchalantly, " yes! Sister in law.."

"Okay, I will do as you decided." Hazel agrees with her planning.

"What's going in your mind Athita?" Josh asked her curiously.

Brother, this is just beginning of golden days of Shaw's... I want that they enjoy the glory of their life in extreme level for more 2 years.

Harry, " Arthu, It feels like your devilish mode is on again."

No way third brother, your Arthu is just doing good deeds.. To giving her family more wealth to enjoy..

Arthur, what about me and Harry? What we have to do in your absence? Josh asked her.

Well, brother you both have to take care of the love of my life. " Black Bird Shine."

And Jacob will be here tomorrow, he will handle the hospital but I won't that you both also help him..

"Okay little Arthu." You just don't worry we will handle everything.

"Athira, did you think Jacob will handle it? I mean to say I am not doubting on his ability but he is just young boy with extremely out going personality. Sometimes I think This profession ofa doctor is not suitable for this boy.. How he become doctor?" Hazel asked her.

Hazel, I understand your concern, but Jacob is a very brilliant doctor, he achieved sop many milestones in the young age in the medical field, when it comes to work.. He is too professional and serious.. " Smith answers her..

"Yes! Sister in law, he will be here tomorrow when you meet you understand him... Also he is very excited to meet you.. And you will be surprised when you meet him." Athira happily express her excitement.

"Great, then I am looking forward to meet him." Hazel is curious to meet him now.

"And sister in law, he is a flirty boy. So be aware from him." Harry show her concern..

"Athira, it feels like someone is feeling jealous, what do you think?" Josh tease Harry..

"Second brother, don't tease me he is my best friend.. And I am not feeling jealous.. It's just he always get attention of everyone.. And when he come everyone will forget me.. After all he is coming here after 6 years.. So everyone is going to pamper him a lot.. Especially First brother and Dad.." Harry makes a puppy face while talking.

"Don't worry, Little brother I am always by your side.." Hazel show concern to Harry..

" hey, third brother don't behave like this, he always asked me about you first whenever we talk.. Just forget the past.. She was cheering you both.. Why you both are breaking your friendship just because of that unfaithful and crazy girl." Athira told her brother seriously..

"Yes Harry! Forget everything, and i want that this time you both work together.. Jacob is already trying so hard to get your forgiveness.. Just make your heart bigger and accept his apology." Smith try to help brothers to move on and advice him.

"Tomorrow is a new day and i wish you both forget your past and start your friendship again." Josh told him.
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