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"What are you thinking Arthu?" Josh saw that his sister is wondering in her thoughts.

"Nothing much Brother, btw I decided to do a collaboration with Marvel industries."

Everyone is shocked.

"Arthur, didn't you think it's too early to take steps?" Harry asked him curiously.

"Well, third brother! It's better not to give them a time to think.. As you know marvel industries is looking for doing collaboration with another company...

As there have a huge loss in their last contract with Nadina industries and to cover up their loss they want to collaborate with another company.. They approached to Alkuzina group but I really don't understand why Allen Beckett declined it after consideration.."

"Wow, it means you already is prepared?" Josh asked her.

"Almost brother, they will never give up the on opportunity to collaborate with Elite Pearl's Florance.." Athira smirked.

"So, how you want to execute the plan?" Smith asked her.

"Take look on it brother, I already note down everything and prepared everything.. "

"Bravo, little sister." Herry chuckeld..

"Don't call me little sister, third brother." Athira's expression changed slightly..

Josh understand the change in her sister's behavior. " It's okay Arthu, keep calm."

"Sorry, I am sorry Arthu!" Gulit show in Harry's eyes..

"I am sorry third brother, actually I remembered something so.." Athira is angry on her own self.. That she spoke like this with her brother.

"It's okay, I can understand."

"Thank you Third brother." A little bright smile appeared on her face.

"Athira, we will work as per you decided." Smith agreed with her plan..

"Thank you brother, as you are the chairman of Elite Pearl's Florance to the world so i want that you work on this plan of mine," Athira told her brother.

" Okay, i will handle the matter is Shaw's." Smith is more confident.

"And what about the deal with Emma?" Hazel asked her.

"Well, Sister in law this is for you just look on it. You will understand that how you need to handle her." Athira happily gives her the document.
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