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"Mattias..." I start to whimper, and then to cry. "No more. Not now. I am too sore."

My pleas do nothing to stop him from calling out to an attendant. He tells the man he is ready for the mercenaries. I am not ready for them. I try to slip off Mattias' lap. I try to escape, but there is no escape. He holds me in place, my sore ass made all the worse for my squirming.

Pharaoh, Alexios, and Silver come in due course. They have all bathed. They are dressed in light armor; none of them quite trusting this place as yet. I doubt they will ever be without weapons. They remember what happened just as well as I do.

"She defied you," Mattias says, shifting me on his lap, one of his big hands slipping down each of my thighs, to spread them and hold them apart. He has my sex on display, sliding me down his lap a little so that my knees hook over his, my pussy lewdly open to the men I love. "What is your punishment?"

The punishment, to me, is being held like this, being made sore and small and vulnerable. The punishment is seeing the disappointment in their eyes. Silver is not as concerned as the others—he never is. Alexios has some hand in my presence here, but Pharaoh's dark eyes are heavy with an anger I know will lead to hurt.

Silver approaches first. He fixes me with a long look and I feel myself start to drift under his influence.

"You disobeyed us," he says. "You flew back here like a little homing pigeon."

"I had to..."

"You said you came here for money... that doesn't make sense, Trissa. You never wanted money. You wanted freedom. But you had it, and you gave it up. So, my punishment for you is this: you will always be owned. You will give me and the others your pussy on demand. You will slide that little cunt down on my cock when I please for the rest of your life. And you will like it. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," I whimper.

He leans down and rubs his hand over my sex, his fingers drifting over my sex. I know what he's going to do. He's going to spank me there. He's going to whip my pussy. I know it—but he's making me wait for it. He's teasing the little folds. He's drifting his digits down to the tight little hole and he's circling it. He's making pleasure start to spiral through me...


The swat connects just above my clit. I scream out, but he doesn't acknowledge the pain. He holds me in his gaze and flickers a little wink at me.

"You need it to hurt," he whispers, a moment before he spanks me again.

It hurts. My poor pussy stings and aches, but he spanks me anyway and Mattias holds me for it, the king presenting his princess for her pussy punishment.

Silver mercifully stops after a dozen slaps, but I am not done. Alexios comes forward. His cock is in his hand and he pushes it inside me without a word, my inner walls stretching for him, my spanked pussy stinging as he thrusts inside, grabbing my hips and yanking me up and off Mattias' lap, he holds me aloft and fucks me standing.

We are nose to nose, eye to eye, his big hands lifting me up and down on his cock. I am slick with desire and pain, and he uses both to punish me; backing me up against the wall of the building, he starts fucking me roughly, his cock slamming inside me over and over again.

Others lecture, but he doesn't say a word. He lets his body do the talking, his mouth descending on my breasts, feasting on the tender buds of my nipples. He ravages me, slams his cock inside me, makes me a sloppy wet mess for him and he holds his cum, strictly disciplined because my punishment is a long hard fuck that I cannot escape. Stroke after stroke blazes inside my deserving pussy, his hands grasping my red hot ass, the tender lips of my cunt gripping his dick so damn tight.
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