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Jason didn't know but he was unconscious for three whole days when he opened his eyes everything seemed brighter than usual so he closed his eyes again.

Suddenly his head started to hurt and he could feel all his muscles twitching and going back to how they were but he was still suffering from a serious headache.

"Man, my head hurts like crazy, did I drink too much last night?"

Jason tried to move when he suddenly felt something was on him, he tossed it to the side and got up from the bed and started to feel dizzy, his eyes were still closed so he didn't know where he was standing.

'Calm down Jason, relax, relax'

Jason muttered these words inside his head and sat on the floor and started to breathe in and out, after doing so for five minutes the giddiness went away so he finally opened his eyes, he saw that the room was dark but he could clearly see everything in it, he didn't mind much as his head was still aching, he looked down and saw he was completely naked.

"Wait? Did I have sex last night?"

Jason looked left and right and found his clothes lying on the ground alongside with torn woman clothes.

"How come I don't remember anything, the last thing I remember is I was at the Rose bar and was talking to a hot chick"

Jason extended his hand and dragged his clothes towards him and wore them, he got up and started to button his shirt.

"Look I don't remember what happened last night but I think it was pleasant so I am off"

Jason didn't look at the bed as he was concentrated on buttoning his shirt, he then turned left and walked towards the door, he finally turned around to take a look at the woman he slept with.

He saw the woman on the bed for a brief second and turned around again.


He turned around again to confirm if he wasn't hallucinating but the things didn't change, he saw the same skinny bone, white naked back of a woman.

"What the fuck, how come I ever sleep with such monstrosity?"

Jason was visibly shaken by what he saw, it was not just skinny, he could see the bones on her ass, her vertebrate, thin bones on arms and legs, even malnutrition people looked better than her to him.

He suddenly frowned when he noticed that something was odd, he approached the woman in the bed and touched her, but she didn't move at all, Jason then turned her around and saw her face, he just saw a skeleton with wide open mouth, sharp fangs, and dead eyes which reflected fear and depression in them.

"The Fuck, this woman dead"

Jason didn't know what happened, he tried to remember what happened last night but his headache would suddenly flare up.

"Na man I know nothing about this, I am out of here"

Jason bolted towards the door and suddenly noticed himself in the mirror, he saw his mouth was covered with dry blood stains.

"Why is there blood on my mouth?"

Jason went towards the bathroom and washed his face, his headache was not letting him go so he didn't notice the change in him at all, all his senses had gone beyond human.

Jason didn't waste any time and walked out of the house, he looked around and saw the only trees

"What was I on last night to come to such a stupid location"

Jason saw the car and slowly walked towards it and sat inside, he checked his pants and found the keys to the car, he started the car and drove away.

Just after Jason left two figures in black came out of nowhere, they were Van and Carl of course.

"Is this the place?"

Van asked as he looked around the area

"Yes, this is definitely the one, three days ago the barrier around here started to fade away, Diana's presence started to leak from here, she must have put up a very powerful barrier around here"

Carl replied but he was feeling something was off

"Then why did it faded away"

"I don't know but I think this is where she stays"

"Let's go check it out then"

Van said and walked in the house, Carl followed behind him as they entered the house, even though it was dark they could clearly see what's inside, they moved towards the bedroom and were shocked seeing what they just witnessed.

Carl appeared next to Diana's body with just a blink of an eye and frowned seeing the condition Diana's body was in.

"Her whole body is sucked dry"

Van said as he looked around the bed.

"You know right what this means, a viscount level blood is out there is someone's hand, this is bad"

Carl, on the other hand, stayed silent and checked Diana's body, he saw deep bite marks on her neck. He noticed dried flesh stuck to her nails, he lifted her hand and examined the flesh.

"It's the same one"

Carl said as his eyes started to glow purple.

"You mean that hunter that killed her Bloodbane in that alley"

"Yes, his scent is on her hand"

"How do you know that hunter is a he?"

"Look there"

Carl pointed at Diana's lower part, Van looked as his eyes glowed purple, he found the trace of human sperm all over her vagina.

"This bitch died while getting fucked?"

Van didn't know whether to laugh at this situation or get angry as one of his species was killed.

"Well what's over is over, we have to quickly dispose of her other Bloodbanes, they must have already died since Miss Deadfuck is dead"

Van said angrily.

Carl, on the other hand, was going through a turmoil inside his head.

"Van have you heard of that being, the one that is said to be human as well as Vampire or sometimes he was classified as neither"

"You mean Dhampir?"

"No, Dhampir are children born from the union of human and vampire, I am talking about that legend we used to read 5000 years ago when we were still kids"

"Hahahaha, you mean that human who that forcefully sucked every drop of a vampire and became a being unknown to the world itself"

"Yes, that the one"

"Wait you are saying that our Mr. Hunter who fucked a 5000-year-old vampire, sucked her blood dry and turned into this being of the legend, hahahaha, Carl what happened to you, do you really think such a thing is possible, that was just some made up story by our ancestors millions of years ago, nothing else, and even if its true why isn't there a being like this in the world, heck even the high priest sacrificed thousands of vampires and humans to create this being but it was all a huge failure"

Van said as he started to look around the place to find anything.

"I think you are right, a being which is not even known to the world, how can such thing exist"

"See, I told you, you are just over thinking yourself, seeing Diana dead, and even if your instinct is right just ignore it, already those damn Dhampirs are extremely hard to kill, imagine a being that has no origin at all, we will be completely annihilated if we make it our enemy, well this is just a theory, don't take it seriously"

Carl nodded and looked at Diana's corpse again, he couldn't ignore the bite mark on her neck at all.

'This hunter must have bitten her to fight back then collected her blood after killing her, but he will certainly die as he has already taken Diana's blood, that means the blood he collected is still out there, we need to get it before any other being gets it'

Carl collected the skin and muscle of Jason's from Diana's finger and tried to track him down.

"Did you find any traces, where he left, where he is"

Van asked seriously as this matter is very serious.

"No, the human's trace disappeared in this exact room, he didn't leave the house at all"

Carl said with a frown.

"How is that even possible, don't joke around Carl, this is a serious matter"

"I am not joking around, why don't you try it"

Carl handed the skin to Van and Van also did the same, his eyes glowed purple as he tried to find the trace of Jason but he got the same result, Jason's trace ended exactly on this very bed.

Van looked at Carl and so did Carl, they didn't know what is going on, Van even started to think of the possibility of Carl's theory of this being.

But he soon discarded it as he couldn't find any other presence in this room at all.

"You are right, that hunter's presence ended right here, wait? do you think he returned the exact same way he came in to hide his trace within his old trace"

Van said after realizing a way to hide new traces.

"That can be possible, that also means that the person we are after know's what kind of powers we Vampire's hold, throughout history only a few know about our tracing abilities, this hunter may be very dangerous we should not confront him openly, he will certainly be dead as he bit Diana but it's still better to be safe"

Carl said but something was bothering him very much but he couldn't figure what it is.

"You should take Diana's body to bury it somewhere, her body is useless, we should find her blood instead"

Van said as he removed the golden ring embedded with a red sun from her finger.

"I will take the sun ring, be careful. I will go on a search for this hunter"

Van said and started to follow Jason's trace back to where he came from.

"You too, don't confront him"

"I know"

Van opened the door and disappeared, Carl looked at Diana's corpse and the bite mark on her neck again, he was feeling very off.

He approached Diana's body to take it away but suddenly all his senses started to scream that it is dangerous.

Carl literally stepped back due to fear, he saw that there was nothing wrong with her body so he approached again but this time it was all normal.

'I guess I am just overthinking stuff'

Carl lifted Diana's body and disappeared and reappeared miles away inside the jungle in a fraction of seconds, he then dug a hole in the ground and buried Diana's body and disappeared from that spot.
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