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Lu Feng nodded and replied, "Of course, You can and I am sure, she will be happy with Lu Qiang more than being with anyone else. He is a great person."

Jiang Yang said, "Yes! I know, that's why I left her alone with Lu Qiang which I never did before. He too don't know what happened to her but I know he will wait for her to tell him everything on her own."

Just then drinks arrived and both started with it.

Lu Feng then took one sip of a drink and said with serious expressions on his face, "I want you to tell me what happened with her in the past, because I know, that day will never come when she will tell me everything on her own."

Jiang Yang looked at him with a questioning look and asked, "Are you sure? Because I am afraid, you won't be able to handle it."

Lu Feng replied, "I don't expect much but atleast i deserves to know everything about her, especially something that changed her life."

Jiang Yang looked at Lu Feng and said apologetically, "I didn't mean to hurt you when I told you about Lu Qiang and her being together."

Lu Feng sighed and said calmly, "I know! But somethings are better be known before it's too late and somewhere in my mind, i was ready to face it."

Jiang Yang felt sad for Lu Feng and said, "I am sorry. I know both of you liked her since long back but….."

"But she can be happy with only one person and that's Lu Qiang. You don't need to feel bad for me. Her happiness is the only thing that is what matters to three of us." Lu Feng said before Jiang Yang could complete his sentence.

Lu Feng Knew what Jiang was going to say but he didn't want to hear it and didn't want Jiang Yang to feel bad for him.

Jiang Yang nodded and said, "Hmm! She has suffered a lot and now i want her to be happy forever."

Lu Feng replied to assure Jiang Yang, "You don't have to worry about her, as she is with Lu Qiang. He loves her a lot. I know, all these years how much he missed her."
Jiang Yang listen to what he said and asked, "And you?"

Lu Feng looked at the drink in his hands and replied while stirring the glass in his hands, "Do I really need to answer that?"

Jiang Yang shook his head and said, "I think, I know the answer."

Lu Feng finished the remaining drink in his glass in a one go and asked while filling it up again, "I want to use my right to know everything about her."

Jiang Yang nodded and said, "As you wish."

He started to narrate everything that happened after they went to USA. As he was explaining further, the grip of Lu Feng's hands started to tighten around the glass in his hand. When Jiang Yang reached to the worst part, the glass in Lu Feng's right hand broke into a pieces that caused his palm to bleed. His face was expressionless but there was a darkness in his eyes.

Jiang Yang saw this and immediately held his hand and asked, "I was expecting this already, you Moron!"

Lu Feng pulled back his hand and said, "It's nothing. I am fine."

Then Jiang Yang grabbed his hand again and said in tough voice while pointing towards the wine bottle on the table, "Stop me from dressing your hand and I will break that wine bottle on your head to bring you back to your senses."

Lu Feng didn't resist and let him do his job but he looked lost in his thoughts with anger painted on his face.

Jiang Yang first checked if there was any broken glass pieces stuck into his skin. When he made sure there was none, he pulled out few tissue papers from the box on the table and pressed them on Lu Feng's palm and asked the boy who served them drinks to bring a first aid box.

The boy left and Jiang Yang looked back to Lu Feng's palm and said while observing the wound carefully, "I told you, you won't be able to handle it."

Lu Feng still had those expressions on his face. When he heard what Jiang Yang said, he closed his eyes and leaned back in the couch.

He sighed and said in a serious tone, "Now, I am worried about Lu Qiang more. Don't know how he will handle this and what he will do? I hope, he won't stain his hands with someone's blood on it."

Just then the boy arrived with a first aid box.

Jiang Yang started dressing the wound and said, "I too am worried about him and that was the actual reason I didn't tell him anything. Both of us know very well, what he can do when he gets angry and if it is about Yuyan then I am worried about him even more. I just can hope, when he will get to know about it from Yuyan, he won't act recklessly."

Lu Feng's eyes were still closed. He listened what Jiang yang said and replied, "I hope so too."

Once Jiang Yang finished dressing the wound, he said, "I am quite surprised to see that even meeting after so many years, I am still very comfortable with you and Lu Qiang like we have been together for all these years."

Lu Feng opened his eyes and said, "Hmmm! You are right. Same goes for me. Actually I am happy to see you back here."

Jiang Yang looked at him and asked while staring straight in his eyes, "Can I ask you, what happened to you. Why are you so isolated from everything?"

Jiang Yang averted his sight and said, "There is no such thing. I just wanted to follow my own dreams and path."

Jiang Yang understood he was not willing to share anything so he didn't ask him anything further and said, "Hmm! Got it."

Then, Jiang Yang tried to change the topic and said, "Though, I know whom you liked for years, I still want to know. Do you have or had girlfriend before?"

Lu Feng looked at him and replied sarcastically, "If I have had one then I wouldn't be wasting my time here with you, instead of being with her."

Jiang Yang replied in a teasing way, "What? Wasting time with me? You don't know, I can be a far better partner than any girl you could have." He winked at him and said again "Try me!"

Lu Feng felt annoyed and said, "Bullshit! I didn't know, you are such a pervert. Have you changed your preference?

Jiang Yang smiled mischievously and said, "Nope, but I can if the man is handsome like you..haha!"

Lu Feng replied sarcastically, "Then, you should better get Lu Qiang. He is better."

Jiang Yang laughed and said, "I wanted to but I can't break my sister's heart."

Lu Feng smiled on Jiang Yang's reply and asked, "Does she like Lu Qiang too?"

Jiang Yang picked up a wine glass in his hands which he put on the table before dressing Lu Feng's wound. He looked at him and asked calmly while sipping a wine, "Are you planning to hurt yourself tonight, in one go?"

Lu Feng averted his sight from him and said, "Hmm! Just answer my question."

Jiang Yang Replied, "Yes! But she have few problems of her own, that she is going to trouble Lu Qiang for sometime.

Lu Feng surprisingly asked, "What problem?"

Jiang Yang replied with sadness on his face, "That incident from eight years, back made a worst impact on her and since then she had a fear of being with unknown people, especially men."

Lu Feng's expressions changed to sad one and he said, "That was natural to happen with anyone who suffered like this and she was just eleven year old."

Jiang yang nodded and said, "Yes! For almost three years she was like locked up in a home. She never wanted to come out of it. It took me lots of efforts to make her get socializes with others like a normal girl."

Both kept silent for a sometime and then Jiang Yang Said, "But Lu Qiang is the only man, she is comfortable with, other than me. He affected her in a good way and that's a relief."

Lu Feng sighed and said, "I hope, both of them to stay stronger and cross the difficult path together, soon."

Jiang Yang nodded and said, "Yup! From what I observed for all these days, she will definitely get out of it and both of them will make it to the end."

Then both started to enjoy their drinks while talking about various things around them.
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