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In the evening, Jiang Yuyan left the home to look out for Lu Feng after leaving Lu Lijun with Lu Lian and informing her mother-in-law. 

Ning Jiahui knew Jiang Yuyan had already taken Lu Qiang's place as she saw Jiang using the car that belonged to San Zemin's side, which was only controlled by Lu Qiang. Ning Jiahui never questioned Jiang Yuyan as she trusted her son's decision to entrust his responsibilities to his wife. Being a mother of the president and the wife of the chairman, Ning Jiahui was aware of everything.

San Zemin joined Jiang Yuyan too, as he too was worried about Lu Feng's whereabouts. When they reached Lu Feng's home, San Zemin rang the bell, but there was no reply. Jiang Yuyan looked at San Zemin knowing he must know the password of the door lock. San Zemin understood the meaning of his boss's gaze and entered the password.

Just then Jiang Yang arrived there and it surprised him to see his sister there with one man in a black suit. Jiang Yang had tried to call Lu Feng multiple times, but he still couldn't reach him and finally went to his place.

Both siblings were seeing each other after so many days. As much as Jiang Yang felt guilty about not being able to be with his sister, Jiang Yuyan looked like she didn't care about it. Also, she was not surprised to see her brother there as she was aware of the kind of a friendship these men shared.

"How are you?" Jiang Yang asked as there was an awkwardness in his behavior which resulted from the guilt feeling he had.

"I am fine, brother," Jiang Yuyan replied.

Jiang Yang looked at San Zemin and before he could ask, Jiang Yuyan answered, "He is San Zemin. Lu Qiang's man."

Jiang Yang was familiar with the name San Zemin as Lu Qiang and Lu Feng had mentioned so many times, so Jiang Yang thought to trust San Zemin and greeted him with a light nod to which San Zemin did the same.

San Zemin entered the room and Jinag Yang followed him while Jinag Yuyan stood outside to wait for these two to get Lu Feng. 

Inside the apartment, both searched for Lu Feng, but he was not there. It shocked San Zemin as none of his men reported him about Lu Feng leaving the apartment while Jiang Yang was thinking where his friend must have gone.

San Zemin dialled the number of his main person and asked, "Didn't you know when Mr. Lu Feng left his apartment?"

The man answered, "I was about to inform you, boss. He left the flat early morning after fooling our men and they are still trying to get hold of him. We can't search his location as it seems like he turned off his cellphone and he left his car somewhere on the highway. Since then we have been searching for him." 

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier? Haven't you learned from your past experience with him? Do I need to tell you how sharp he is to fool you all?" San Zemin asked, as his voice raised up in an annoyance. 

"I know, boss. I'll try to get any information about him as soon as I can." As the man assured, San Zemin hung up the call. 

"I am having a bad feeling about it." As San Zemin said it, Jiang Yang looked at him in a shock.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Yang asked and just then Jiang Yuyan, who was standing outside, entered the flat too as these two men didn't come out for long to inform her. She also heard San Zemin's conversation on the cellphone and looked at San Zemin with a questioning gaze.

Sensing these people waiting for the answers, San Zemin replied, "I don't know what to say but I think Mr. Lu Feng is up to something as he is hiding from us or he must be in real trouble. He knows my men are keeping eyes on him and if there was nothing, he wouldn't have tried to hide."

Hearing it, both the siblings looked at each other as if they knew what it must be.

Jiang Yuyan asked, "Have you collected all the information and proof I have asked you to?"

"I did and I have told Mrs. Lu that there are a lot more things I need to tell and show in person being our boss." 

San Zemin didn't want to tell everything just like that but wanted to give the whole idea to Jiang Yuyan. Also, he didn't want to tell Xi Cheng's name as Jiang Yang could be affected with it as Xi Cheng was related to his woman.

"Boss?" Jiang Yang exclaimed looking at his sister in surprise and Jiang Yuyan instructed, "Brother, this is not the time to explain anything. For now, we need to search for Lu Feng."

"Hmm. I think we should hurry," said Jiang Yang as he was thinking the same as his sister. Both knew Lu Feng was calm, but if something angered him, then there was no stopping for him.

Lu Feng was missing since the day he left the village. Jiang Yuyan thought Lu Feng must be angry at his brother and left while Jiang Yang thought, Lu Feng was affected by Jiang Yuyan's wedding with Lu Lijun who was still a kid and he must be angry with his mother for the reason of it all.

Just then Jiang Yang received the call from the hospital saying Lu Jinhai's condition worsened, so he had to go back to the hospital.

Jiang Yuyan asked her brother to go and assured him she would find Lu Feng and Jiang Yang left in a hurry.

Just then, one man of San Zemin came inside the flat in a hurry and showed something to San Zemin. 

Seeing what was in the tablet, San Zemin spoke, "Seems like we are already late."

"What happened," As Jiang Yuyan asked, San Zemin handed her the tablet in his hands.

Reading it carefully, Jiang Yuyan asked, "So this is the one."

Nodding, San Zemin confirmed, "Yes, one of those."

"We need to make sure he won't die." These words from Jiang Yuyan surprised San Zemin, and he looked at her puzzled.

"I can't allow him to die before suffering in my hands." Jiang Yuyan declared, and San Zemin could see this woman in front of him is not an easy one.

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