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"What are you doing here, Xi Cheng?" Zhang Wei asked.

"I just noticed my friends here so I thought to visit them." Saying Xi Cheng sat in one chair, opposite to Ming Rusheng."

"Friend? I don't see anyone here," said Ming Rusheng said sarcastically, but Xi Cheng was unaffected with it as he was prepared to get such a reaction from Ming Rusheng.

"When the person shares the same goal as you, it won't take you a time to become a friend with the person," said Xi Cheng.

"To achieve my goal, I don't have to stoop so low to make anyone as my friend," Ming Rusheng replied, but Xi Cheng changed the topic.

"I saw you trying to be friends with Lu Feng. Seems like you were unsuccessful."

Giving out an evil smile, Ming Rusheng said, "Soon, soon he will come to me."

"I know him and it's difficult to do so." Xi Cheng knew Lu Feng well because of Xi Guo as both, Lu Feng and Xi Guo spent their childhood days together. There was a time when Lu Feng and Xi Guo treated Xi Cheng as their friend and considered him as the best elder brother one could have but things changed once they grew up.

"When the person desires something strongly, he can do anything to get it and I need not explain it to you. Am I right, Mr. Xi Cheng?"

Ming Rusheng was referring to what Xi Cheng did in the past but Xi Cheng stood unaffected and said, "I believe, one should get what he wants instead of looking at someone, snatching it away from you and then you keep crying over it."

"Hmm! Nowadays I am thinking the same." Ming Rusheng said, and Zhang Wei interrupted them. "Enough now, Ming Rusheng, we should leave as you have drunk too much."

"Zhang Wei, you won't even let him share his thoughts with me when for the first time he and I agreed at least on one thing. I think we can be friends."

"That we doubt, Mr. Xi Cheng, but we might help each other in future so wait for that day," Ming Rusheng said. 

This is what Xi Cheng wanted to hear and said, "I will wait for the day." He stood up from the chair and said, "Hope to see you soon" and left the room.

When Xi Cheng left, Zhang Wei exclaimed. "What were you talking about, Ming Rusheng? I already warned you to stay away from him."

"I know, but to get something you want, one needs to be a friend with a devil sometimes," replied Ming Rusheng.

"Why don't you take a break for some time and go out somewhere far on vacation. It will help you forget things." Zhang Wei wanted to try everything to keep Ming Rusheng away from Xi Cheng.

"Nothing will work on me, uncle. More I try to get out of it, the more I get pulled inside," he said, looking at the liquor bottles in front he said, "Today don't stop me from drinking."

Giving up in front of him, Zhang Wei sat silent and let him drink as much as he wanted cause there was no use in stopping him.


Jiang Yang and Lu Feng reached the hospital, as Su Hui was admitted there. Other than elder Lu, there was one more family member to worry about. When Lu Feng reached the room where his mother was admitted which was just beside the room of elder Lu, he went to see his mother and Jiang Yang followed him. 

Lu Han was sitting in the chair beside the bed of the patient while Su Hui was lying on the bed unconscious. Qin Xiu was standing near the window.

"How is Mother?" Lu Feng asked.

Seeing Lu Feng there, Lu Han looked at his wife instead of answering Lu Feng and asked coldly, "Have you called him here, Qin Xiu?"

The way Lu Han looked at her, she understood, she had done something that she should not and nodded. "Yes!"

"Who asked you to do that?" He asked.

"How can we not inform him when the mother is here?" Qin Xiu replied.

Getting up from the chair, Lu Han stepped towards the door of the room and said to Lu Feng, "Follow me."

Jiang Yang could sense there was something serious, so he didn't follow them and instead went to Su Hui to check her condition as a doctor. 

He picked up a patient's chart and asked the nurse who was inside the room, "Who is the doctor in charge?"

"Doctor Jin," replied the nurse, and Jiang Yang finished going through the chart. 

When Lu Han and Lu Feng reached the corridor and away from the others, Lu Han spoke. "I will look after Mother and you need not concern yourself with her."

"Elder brother! Why…."

"You are the reason that Mother is like this so you have no right to come here and show your concern." Lu Han said coldly before Lu Feng could say further. 

"You know it better that what she asked is not legit," said Lu Feng. 

"I know, but there are other ways to handle situations instead of treating her coldly. She is our mother, and would you like it if something happened to her?" Lu Han asked.

Seeing his mother in such a condition, Lu Han didn't want to understand Lu Feng this time, even though he was right. He looked like a filial son instead of one understanding elder brother.

"I won't like it, but I won't even like to trouble the whole family for the greed of one person," Lu Feng replied.

"You didn't think about her even once so now, don't think about her. I will take care of everything." Saying, Lu Han left.

When Lu Feng came back, Jiang Yang went to him. "Don't worry, she would be fine. There is nothing to worry about just do nothing to stress her out."

Giving out a deep sigh, Lu Feng just hummed to what Jiang Yang said.
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