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"Why not, as she held the major share of the property under her name, transferred by her mother and if something happened to her, everything will go to the charity." Lu Qiang was aware of the inside secrets of most of the business family, "Her mother created a shield to protect her so that her only child would be safe. After the death of her only son, Xi Guo, her mother is more careful about Nixxixe."

"I heard it. That's good at least they can't hurt her." Lu Feng was relieved to hear that news too as he used to be worried about her as Nixxxie was the sister of his deceased friend.

"But they won't let her part away from the family and she had to be with them all her life. I think they will try to harm her in another way than killing," Said Lu Qiang

Lu Feng agreed, "Yup! As she holds the most important business under her name, They will find different ways."

Lu Qiang pinched the space between his eyebrows and gave out a deep sigh, "This idiot, Jiang Yang. We have to keep an eye on him."

"Yeah! We should bother our most trusted man for it," said Lu Feng.

Lu Qiang looked at Lu Feng, "I guess it's time to use him again."

Lu Feng nodded, "Let's call him tomorrow."

Both talked for a while and went back to Lu Mansion. On the way back, both saw Su Hui who was standing near the entrance of the Lu Mansion, looking at both of them. As they reached near her, she said with a smile on her face, "Good to see both brothers getting along well together."

Lu Qiang didn't react and left to go inside the mansion, while Lu Feng stayed back, "Stop thinking too much, mother."

Hearing it, the smile on her face disappeared but still she maintained her calm, "Thinking too much? Huh? I was happy for both of you to see you together like in the past."

"Nothing can be like in the past. We were just talking about Jiang Yang as he is a friend of both of us," Lu Feng replied.

Su Hui didn't want to give up, "But it would be nice if both of you get back together. Also, I saw you are getting along with him well for the last few months and I expect you to continue it."

Though Lu Feng and Lu Qiang avoided getting noticed by others, they couldn't hide it from Su Hui's sharp and well-observing gaze.

"Don't miss understand the things and don't ever expect anything from me," Lu Feng gave her a cold reply.

"Expecting to see my son at the position that he deserves, is that a sin?" Su Hui asked.

Lu Feng looked straight onto his mother's eyes and said coldly, "Desiring for something that never belonged to you, is a sin."

Su Hui felt annoyed to hear it and asked, "Why it doesn't belong to us, after all, we too are Lu."

"Having the last name doesn't make one deserving. Moreover, this everything was build up by uncle Lu Jinhai alone so it never belonged to us." Lu Feng's words made Su Hui even more annoyed as she didn't want to accept the fact that it was the hard work of Lu Jinhai alone.

"Your father too gave his blood and sweat to everything we have and whatever there is in the family, the most deserving person should lead it and you know well who is more capable to lead Lu Corporation." She tried to defend her words.

"No one is deserving that Lu Qiang and he proved it by taking Lu Corporation to new heights," he argued.

"You know well that you..."

Lu Feng frowned to hear it as he knew what his mother was going to say but it was the thing he would never want to think about, in his entire life. Taking Lu Qiang's place was not even among the last thing he could do before he dies. "Seeing at you still the same, you are making me feel that we are not Lu, Mother"

"What did I do?" she exclaimed.

"You can't understand it, mother and it's good that you are not able to do so." Saying it he left to go inside, leaving his mother puzzled.

"Lu Feng, what do you mean by that?" Su Hui asked to look at his retreating back but there was no reply.

As Lu Feng entered inside, he saw Lu Qiang was standing there. Lu Feng startled to see him, "Don't you know, eavesdropping is a bad thing?"

"I know! Let me be bad and tell me what that was?" Lu Qiang ignored how displeased Lu Feng was to see him there. Lu Qiang didn't plan to hear their conversation but as he heard few words from their conversation, he couldn't hold back from listening to the whole thing.

 "Nothing! Ms. Su Hui is losing her mind again." Lu Feng replied.

"What happened between both of you that you don't talk to your own mother and even if you do, you always sound like you are upset with her?"

Lu Qiang always had a question in his mind, why this mamma's boy suddenly started to hate his mother and why he was so bitter to her but Lu Feng was a tight-lipped person and he didn't want to tell this to anyone.

Hearing it, Lu Feng pinched the space between his eyebrows in annoyance, "Lu Qiang!"

"Huh?" Lu Qiang was ready to hear him.

Lu Feng stared in his eyes with a serious expression on his face, "As I am back with you like in the past, don't make me go back to where you and Jiang Yang pulled me back. So stop asking the questions that I can't answer you."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Is it that difficult?" Lu Qiang asked.

Lu Feng nodded with the same serious expressions on his face, "Hmm! And don't make it even more difficult for me."

"I understand! Let's go to our rooms." Lu Qiang knew, when Lu Feng talk like this being way too serious that means he won't utter a single word and it was not a good thing to force him to answer.

Lu Feng nodded and both left to their rooms.
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