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After having a fun talk with each other all the family members left to go to the mansion. The cars left one by one from the venue towards Lu Mansion. When the cars were on the highway, Lu Qiang's car suddenly took a right turn at one intersection on the highway. Lu Jinhai and the elder Lu's car were just behind him so both understood that Lu Qiang was going somewhere and both were aware of where was that 'somewhere'.

"My grandson is just like me. Too impatient," Said elder Lu with a smile on his face.

Zhao Shuang sighed and said, "Hmm! I can see that."

In Lu Jinhai's car-

As Lu Jinhai saw the car taking a right turn, he smiled and said, "I am sure our elder son has taken after his grandfather. He too doesn't care about others when it comes to loving his woman."

"Not just his grandfather but he took after his father too. Don't forget how shameless you used to be in the past," Said Ning Jiahui.

"Now, am I not?" he asked with a teasing smile on his face.

She frowned to hear it and said, "We are old now."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Not that old. Do you doubt my capability?" he asked to tease her.

"Cough-Cough! All Lus are shameless," she replied.

Lu Jinhai nodded and said, "Hmm! That is in our blood."

In Lu Qiang's car-

The driver was aware of his boss's plan without even saying a single word from Lu Qiang and he took a right turn at the intersection on the highway to go towards the home of Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan. Lu Qiang knew his driver was smart and he didn't have to instruct him with anything.

Jiang Yuyan too understood where they were heading and this time she was not surprised, hesitant or shocked. Soon the partition between the driver seat and the back passenger seat was up with the song played in a car.

Lu Qiang looked at her and she looked back at him. Both had the same 'wanting each other' feelings in their eyes. This time there was no need for the word to be spoken as they understood each other through their intense sights.

Both hovered towards each other at the same time and kissed with the same passion not a bit less than from another one. Lu Qiang pulled her closer by holding her waist and held her tightly while Jiang Yuyan circled her arms around his neck. Both were kissing passionately not minding that they were in a car which was running on the highway.

This time, Jiang Yuyan's dress was not a mermaid fit like last time when they were in a car but it was the one with the layered bottom with a hem. In that moving car, Lu Qiang lifted her up with one swift move and made her sit cross to him.

Jiang Yuyan too helped him to let her move easily and she was sitting on his lap while facing him. Her legs were folded in knees and resting on either side of him, on the car seat.

While kissing, Lu Qiang moved his hand along with her legs from her knees to her feet and to remove her heels and then surrounded his hands around her curvy lower back again.

During all these position changing process they didn't stop kissing for even a bit. As Jiang Yuyan had the advantage to dominate him and to control him while sitting cross, she didn't let go of this chance and straight grabbed his top lip and sucked it while biting it slowly.

Lu Qiang allowed her to do it being happy with her cherry-like bottom lip and bite it a bit harshly. Jiang Yuyan felt the pain but that didn't make her stop, instead, she became aggressive. She grabbed the hair on the backside of his head and made him look up by clutching and pulling them.

This was another side he was seeing of her. He followed what she wanted to do. Jiang Yuyan looked aggressive and while kissing him she was moving her fingers through his hairs while clutching them in between. She bit his lip that made it bleed.

Feeling the pain, Lu Qiang's hands that were resting on the curve of her lower back, moved further down to clutch her butt cheeks in both hands. Lu Qiang retreated his hands and leaned forward to remove his jacket. Jiang Yuyan parted away and helped him remove it.

Once he was done, They resumed their kiss and This time lu Qiang slipped his hand inside her dress to garb her soft butt cheeks as because of her dress he was not able to feel them properly. While kissing he was kneading those soft butt cheeks and he was enjoying it.

Both were panting heavily as feeling short for the breath but no one was ready to give up. Sucking and nibbling each other's lips and rolling their tongues together in between to taste each other whole and both continued what they were doing.

Soon Lu Qiang shifted from her lips to her slender neck. his eyes were following her bared neck and shoulders throughout the ceremony and wished to suck her fair skin every time he saw it. he moved his one hand on the backside of her neck and pushed her face up to get into the crook of her neck.

Tracing the lines over her delicate neck with the fingers of his other hand he was tasting her which made her moan softly. Soon there were light red marks on her skin which were clearly visible with the contrast to her fair skin.

From her neck, he shifted down to her shoulders. he caressed them with the hands first, then started to kiss them while biting with the teeth. This time there was no gentleness in both of their actions. Both looked high on adrenaline and wanted to devour each other at the very moment.
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