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Ming Rusheng came out of the mansion to see off his uncle, Zhang Wei. He was immersed in his own thoughts with so many questions in his mind. "Uncle!" he called while walking side by side with Zhang Wei towards his white luxury car.

"Hmm?" Zhang Wei reacted while walking along with him.

"Can I ask you something?" Ming Rusheng asked.

"Of course, Ming Rusheng! But, I am not sure if I can answer it." Zhang Wei was a smart person and also, he knew Ming Rusheng too well since he was a kid so he guessed already what Ming Rusheng was thinking and what he was about to ask.

"What happened in the past?" Ming Rusheng stopped in his tracks and asked to look at his uncle.

Zhang Wei stopped too and turned to look at Ming Rusheng. "Hmm! I know you are very curious about it since you understood about the hatred between the two families but there is a reason why we didn't tell you, so don't ask it," he said it and turned to step towards his car.

"I am not a kid anymore, uncle and as a member of this family I have the right to know everything." Ming Rusheng said in a bit high pitch to see his uncle leaving without answering his question.

Zhang Wei didn't turn back to look at him and said calmly, "You are right at your place, Ming Rusheng but you will get to know it once the right time will come" and he stepped towards his car where the driver already opened the door for him.

"I hope that the right time will come soon, uncle." Ming Rusheng said again.

"I hope so too," saying it Zhang Wei sat in his car and left the mansion. Ming Rusheng was standing while looking at the car until it disappeared from his sight. While staring at the car he murmured, "What you and mother hiding from everyone, I will get to know about it soon, uncle." as he said it something flashed in front of his eyes.

It was the day after Elder Lu's wedding anniversary when Zhang Wei came to Ming Mansion early morning and went to his sister's room. Ming Rusheng saw his uncle's car parked in front of the mansion's door when he came back home after jogging. The servant told him that his uncle went to meet his mother so without waiting for a moment, he stepped towards his mother's room.

Just as Ming Rusheng was about to knock on the door, he heard his mother and uncle arguing about something. He retreated his hand and stood outside the door while listening to their conversation. From their conversation, he got to know about something that happened in the past. He knew his aunt died and Lu family especially Lu Jinhai was the reason but from what his mother said, he realized, his uncle and mother were involved too.

Once their conversation finished, Ming Rusheng hid as not wanting to show them that he heard everything. He saw his uncle was angry and left in a hurry. Once his uncle left, he went back to the door of his mother's room and saw she was sitting in a chair while leaning back to it with her eyes closed and tears were rolling down from them. Just as he was about to turn, she said, "I made a mistake. It's too late now."

This made him feel even more confused. If it was all Lu family's fault then why his mother was taking his uncle and herself responsible for it. He didn't go to his mother and went to his room with so many questions in his mind.

Once his uncle's car left, Ming Rusheng went to his own car and waited for his sister Ming Lan to drop her to the university. As he was waiting, suddenly the thought of going to university reminded him of Jiang Yuyan. He took out his cellphone and opened the gallery. In it, he had Jiang Yuyan's picture which he clicked outside of the university from his car without letting her realize it.

In that picture, Ming Lan was talking to Jiang Yuyan and there was a smile on her face which was making her look too pretty. Her golden brown hair tied in a ponytail with few strands of hair floating in the air on either side of her face.

Ming Rusheng zoom out the picture so that only her face could be on the screen of his mobile. Smiled flashed on his face to see her. Suddenly there was a knock on the car's door which pulled out him from the daze.

That was Ming Lan. She opened the door and sat inside a car while looking at her brother's face as she thought, she just saw him smiling. Ming Rusheng noticed her curious sight on his face so he controlled himself from smiling without any reason. He started the car and moved in the direction of a university in the hope of being able to see the woman he was falling for.

Same morning In Lu Qiang and Jiang Yuyan's home..

Jiang Yuyan slept till late as she was already tired because of the make out session between her and Lu Qiang. When she woke up, the bedroom had already brightened up with sunlight. She rubbed her eyes to see clearly, just then she heard the voice. "Good morning, my love."

Jiang Yuyan looked at Lu Qiang who was ready in his office attire, sitting on a couch working on the laptop. He kept the laptop aside and stepped towards her. Sitting on the edge of the bed he pecked on her lips and tucked the hair behind her ear.

Jiang Yuyan smiled to see him and wished him good morning too. "How are you feeling now? Are you still tired?" Lu Qiang asked while looking at her beautiful smiling face'

Jiang Yuyan blushed to hear it and said, "I am fine." saying it, she averted her sight from his face.
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