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Lu Qiang gave him a questioning look before receiving a glass from Lu Feng. Lu Feng replied, "I am not worried about you. I just don't want you to trouble a lady."

Lu Qiang understood what Lu Feng was talking about. He didn't say anything and behaved obediently for the sake of his woman.

All three started to drink, suddenly Lu Qiang looked at Jiang Yang and said, "Tell the things, that I should know."

Lu Feng corrected him and said, "We should know!"

Lu Qiang nodded to what Lu Feng said and asked Jiang Yang again.

Jiang Yang knew what Lu Qiang was talking about and he was already prepared to tell him everything when he got call from him in the middle of the night. Lu Feng too had so many questions in his mind as he too didn't know lots of things like Lu Qiang. The day, when Jiang Yang told him everything, Lu Feng was too angry to ask him anything else.

Jiang Yang took a sip of wine and was thinking, from where to start while Lu Feng and Lu Qiang were ready to hear him out. Finally Jiang Yang got hold of memories from past and started to narrate it.

"After going to USA, we all were happy but Yuyan. She used to miss all of you and she was already hurt with the death of our grandma. She missed her too. It was new world for her. She had been pampered girl since the day she born and she only had three us to be with her when we were in china. To make her familiarised with that new world, my parents enrolled into one summer camp and thought it would be better for her before she starts her schooling there."

"Her being angry was the biggest issue and I asked her to control it. She was an obedient child. She tried her best to not get into a fight with anyone. She told me once, someone from her camp bully her and she was not happy about it. Me and my parents thought it's normal to happen with new person at new place and once she will make few friends, she would be fine. After all, they were kids and what harm could it cause. She will learn how to adjust with new people."

Lu Qiang and Lu Feng were listening to him carefully. Though Lu Qiang knew this through Jiang Yuyan, he wanted to hear other side of the story and also what happened after that. Lu Feng too wanted to know what happened with Jiang Yuyan and those boys after that. Jiang Yang continued.

"One day she came back to home and was upset about her fight with one boy. I promised her to solve it by coming to her camp. Next day it was her birthday. Me and my parents gifted her something and she was happy. I sent her to camp with lots of chocolates and cake with her for all kids there and told her, 'I will take her to amusement park after her class'. That day I left her to camp and I told her that I will come to receive her, instead of my mother. I still remember her smiling and bright face when she said bye to me with the excitement of going out me after her class."

Jiang Yang then looked at Lu Qiang and Lu Feng and asked, "Remember both of you called me to wish her for her birthday?"

Both Lu Qiang and Lu Feng nodded and said together, "Yes!"

Jiang Yang continued. "It was the time when I was going back after dropping her to camp and I said, 'I will call both of you later'."

Both Lu Qiang and Lu Feng nodded in response.

In afternoon, I went to pick her up. I was waiting for her at outside of the gate of her camp place. As I reached there, kids were going back to there home. I was waiting for Yuyan to come out but she didn't. I asked one of the kid whom I know was with her in the camp that where is Yuyan. He told me, she was with one boy named Jason. I remembered the name and understood, it was the same boy with whom Yuyan fought the other day. I felt worried and asked him where they went. He said, 'somewhere in the back side of the building'."

"I went inside the classroom building in hurry to check if they were fighting again. I asked guard, if he saw any kid while going towards back side of the building and he said he didn't. I went towards back side of building but there was nothing but one small and old room like place far away in one corner so I thought why kids would go there and I ignored it. I searched for them in class rooms but both were not there. Finally I had to ask guard to check in CCTV camera. In recording, i saw, she was going with one boy behind the deserted area of the building and there was no recording of her coming back. I decided to go there immediately, just then I saw a boy who was with her in CCTV camera recording, but he was alone without having Yuyan with him."

"I stopped that boy and asked, 'Where is Yuyan?' Upon seeing and hearing me that boy looked scared. He replied that he didn't know with his shaking voice. I was restless and angry. I raised my voice and asked again so finally he told me, Yuyan was in that old room far away from main building which I avoided to check. I cursed myself and ran towards that room as fast as I could. Two guards there, followed me too. As I reached near the room, I heard her screaming but as I reached the door, there was no sound of her screaming or crying. My heart almost stopped beating as I was scared for something bad might have happened to her."
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