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Lu Qiang was angry with the fact, how could something cruel happen to Jiang Yuyan when Jiang Yang, her brother was with her. He promised to take care of her but he failed to fulfill it. At the same time, Lu Qiang was aware of the fact that Jiang Yang was hurting the most. He had always been hiding his pain behind his smile and funny words but now it was time for him to let go of what he kept buried in his heart for all these years for the sake of his sister.

It was obvious thing to understand for Lu Qiang and Lu Feng, if they were this much angry just to hear what happened to Jiang Yuyan then what might have happened to Jiang Yang, when he himself saw his sister in that condition. Lu Qiang hit him because he knew, Jiang Yang needed it and Lu Feng too didn't stop him. Lu Feng was worried for a moment that Lu Qiang might take out his anger on Jiang Yang for not being able to protect Jiang Yuyan but when he saw what Lu Qiang was up to, he didn't meddle in between. There was something between these friends that was unspoken and they could understand it better without saying a single word.

Lu Qiang and Lu Feng felt relieved to see Jiang Yang crying. Lu Qiang hugged him and Jiang Yang continued crying his heart out and was blaming himself for everything that happened.

"It was my fault... I should have look after her properly... I ignored, when she told me about her being bullied by someone... It was all my fault."

Lu Qiang didn't stop him from venting out everything and Lu Feng too sat silently on couch just to not disturb Jiang Yang from letting out sorrow in his heart.

Jiang Yang continued saying, "It was all my fault... I couldn't protect my sister from getting hurt by those bastards... I couldn't do anything but watch her scream and cry."

More he was remembering the past, more he was crying. Finally only few words left to say. "It was all my fault… It was all my fault…" After while, Jiang Yang stopped crying. Lu Qiang Let go of him and asked, "Are you feeling better now?"

Jiang Yang replied, "Never like before."

Lu Qiang smiled to hear it and asked, "You and your sister, always reply me with same words. Have both of you practiced the same answers to my question?"

Jiang Yang replied, "You should change your question then."

"Okay! This much beating is enough or you want more?" asked Lu Qiang while passing Jiang Yang tissue papers and even helped him to clean his face.

Lu Feng felt relieved to see it but then he smiled mischievously and said. "Ohh! What a beautiful site to see. I should have brought some beer and popcorn here. Nice show, with a beautiful girl, her handsome brother free, great offer."

Lu Qiang and Jiang Yang both looked at Lu Feng with killer gazes. "Tsk! Did I disturbed you guys? Continue, I will close my eyes."

Lu Qiang let go of Jiang Yang and said while looking at Lu Feng who closed his eyes, "I think someone here, too wants to get hit by me." Jiang Yang whispered, "Let me handle him."

Jiang Yang stepped towards Lu Feng and sat beside him, "Ouch! Darling, its hurting. See I am bleeding. Aaahh!" Lu Feng opened his eyes but he didn't frown. Instead he grabbed few tissues from the box on center table and cleaned the blood in the corner of Jiang Yang's lips.

"Yeah, I can see that my darling is hurt. One moron hit you really bad." said Lu Feng and looked at Lu Qiang. This reply from Lu Feng surprised Lu Qiang and Jiang Yang. He was calm, opposite to his angry nature. They understood, it was because Jiang Yang just came out of his sorrow. Lu Feng was trying to make him feel good too. Jiang Yang felt emotional again. He took tissue from Lu Feng's hand and said, "Stop it or this free brother in offer might fall in love with you."

Lu Feng replied, "Don't scare me like this. I am straight."

Jiang Yang replied, "So do I" and smiled.

Lu Qiang was happy to see Jiang Yang smiling. He called room service and ordered drinks for three of them.

Jiang Yang went to freshen up while Lu Qiang and Lu Feng sat in the couch. Lu Qiang was sitting calmly while thinking about something. Lu Feng looked at him and said, "You did well. He will be fine."

Lu Qiang sighed and said, "Hmm! I know."

Lu Feng asked, "How is Yuyan?"
"She is fine. Feeling relaxed after letting out everything once and for all." replied Lu Qiang.

"These both really needed it. I was worried about Yuyan but as you are there for her so she will be fine but we need to be with Jiang Yang too. I saw him, sometimes hiding so many things behind his smile."

Lu Qiang nodded and said, "I know."

Jiang Yang came out of the bathroom and sat next to his friends. Just in a while, room service was there as Lu Qiang had ordered drinks for three of them. As Lu Feng saw it, he looked at Lu Qiang and asked, "Are you planning to get drunk again? Trust me, this time I will throw you out of this room."

Lu Qiang replied, "It's for both of you. I will just take a little."

Jiang Yang, "Why? Are you afraid, my sister might kick you out of her room?"

Lu Qiang replied in a firm voice, "She will take me in, however I am."

Jiang Yang looked at Lu Feng and said, "He is giving us a dog food again."

Lu Feng replied, "Haaa! He is best at it."

Lu Qiang smiled and just signaled them towards the drinks. "Okay, Mr President" said Jiang Yang and poured wine in three glasses. Everyone was ready to pick up theirs but before Lu Qiang could get his glass, Lu Feng picked it up and poured some wine from Lu Qiang's glass to his own, leaving only a little in it. He passed that glass to Lu Qiang and said, "This much is enough for you."
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