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Lu Qiang wiped her tears in corner of her eyes and and said, "From this moment, you are not allowed to cry."

Jiang Yuyan nodded and replied, "I won't." Lu Qiang moved away and finally let go of her. As Jiang Yuyan went to bathroom, Lu Qiang picked up his cell phone, typed one message and sent it to someone.

After Lunch... In living room...
Lu Qiang was ready to go out. He called Lu Lijun and said, "I am going out for some work, take care of Yuyan and give her company,"

Lu Lijun nodded and said, "As you say elder brother."

Jiang Yuyan was there too. She didn't ask anything but just looked at Lu Qiang. Lu Qiang knew she wanted to ask where he was going as it was Sunday and when will he be back? Lu Qiang looked at her and said, "I am going to meet a friend and will be back in evening." Jiang Yuyan nodded as saying 'okay'.

Lu Lijun too looked at her and said, "Don't worry, I will be with you and you won't miss elder brother anymore."

Lu Qiang moved his sight from Jiang Yuyan to Lu Lijun in surprise and said with light smile on his face, while running his fingers through Lu Lijun's hair, "You are becoming smarter day by day."

Jiang Yuyan replied sarcastically, "After all he is your brother and took after you. I can see it clearly."

Lu Lijun laughed a little and said, "Right and I will be the next brother Lu Qiang."

Lu Qiang patted his head and said, "You would be better than me."
Lu Qiang said bye to Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun. Just as he stepped out of the mansion door, Lu Feng came in front of him. Lu Qiang halted in his steps and asked, "What?"

Lu Feng looked in his eyes and said, "Take it easy."

"Get out of my way." Lu Qiang said with calm expression on his face but his eyes were saying something else.

"Though your face looks calm, you can't hide what is in your eyes and what I see right now, is not good." said Lu Feng

Lu Qiang sighed and pinched the space between his eyebrows and said, "Everything is fine, you don't need to be worried about me."

"There is no need to be worried about you. I am worried about someone else." Lu Feng replied.

As Lu Feng was not getting out of Lu Qiang's way, Lu Qiang said, "If you are that worried then go ahead and save him."

Lu Feng sighed and said, "I think I have no other option then" and stepped towards Lu Qiang's car which was in front of mansion's door. He immediately sat in the back passenger sit.

Lu Qiang too stepped towards his car and sat inside. He didn't ask Lu Feng to get down. Lu Qiang asked driver to go to one famous hotel in the city.

While having Lunch, Lu Feng noticed there was change in Lu Qiang which others couldn't notice but Lu Feng was familiar with each breath taken by his brother. For Lu Feng, Lu Qiang's eyes never failed to show what is in his mind. Lu Feng knew, he was up to something and that must be related to Jiang Yuyan. He called Jiang Yang and asked him if there was something. Jiang Yang told him that Lu Qiang knew everything and Lu Feng understood, what Lu Qiang was thinking.

After an hour, car arrived in front of the hotel. Lu Qiang and Lu Feng entered inside. On reception Lu Qiang collected his keys and asked, "Is my guest here?" Receptionist replied, "Not yet, sir."

Lu Qiang and Lu Feng straight went to the VIP room of that hotel which was booked by Lu Qiang. Lu Qiang stood near the glass window and was staring out side while immersed in his thoughts. Lu Feng sat in the couch lazily with his legs on the center table. Lu Qiang was checking time on his wrist watch again and again. To look at him, Lu Feng finally spoke, "He will come in a while, don't get hyper."

Just as Lu Qiang was about to reply him back, someone knocked on the door and then opened it. As the person entered inside the room, Lu Qiang stepped towards him in hurry and punched him in the face, really heard that made the corner of his lips bleed and made him stepped back. He looked at Lu Qiang and said while wiping the blood in the corner of his lips with his thumb, "I deserve it."

Lu Feng was still sitting in a couch and said, "I am enjoying this but still take it easy Lu Qiang. That was not his fault."

Lu Qiang again stepped towards him and hit him on the side of face. The man fell back again and it made him bleed too. He got up from floor, looked into Lu Qiang's eyes and said, "No, it was all my fault. I was not able to protect her."

Lu Qiang stepped towards him and held him by his collar. He wanted to punch him even more but he stopped. Lu Feng was about to get up from couch to stop Lu Qiang but when he saw, Lu Qiang stopped, he gave out a sigh of relief and sat back in couch, retrieving his comfortable position to sit.

"Why did you stop? I am an useless brother. Hit me all you want. I desperately wanted someone to beat me to death at that moment but you guys were not there to do that. Hit me for being careless brother, Lu Qiang."

Lu Qiang retreated his hand and hugged him. Tears rolled down from Jiang Yang's eyes and he too hugged Lu Qiang back. It was the first time, when Lu Qiang and Lu Feng were seeing him crying. Both knew, how hurting it must be for him to see his little sister in pain. She was everything for him since the day she born. He never showed his pain to anyone and instead diverted his all attention to his sister just to take care of her so that she can live a normal life.
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