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"YIN — SHAO — JIE!" she hollered in panic. The speed of the car was too fast, and her words were cut off by the wind.

"Stop shouting! Sit properly and hold on tight! It'll end soon; just bear with it!" Usually, Yin Shaojie didn't have a single hair out of place when he was racing. Today was different. His brow was even damp with cold sweat as he checked on her from time to time.

Among the crowd, a pleased Han Yun'er picked up on the shrieks of Mu Xiaoxiao and roared with laughter.

She smirked maliciously. Let's see how you die, you slut!


On the road, the sapphire-blue Bugatti drifted around a corner beautifully, remaining in the lead.

In the car, Mu Xiaoxiao's face turned increasingly pale, her blood seeming to sink from her face all the way to her legs. She looked as if she were sick.

Yin Shaojie noticed her discomfort. Frowning in concern, he asked, "Xiaoxiao, are you alright?"

Initially, she had shrieked for a while, but she was all quiet now and frozen in this posture.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't answer. She didn't even move her head.

Originally, she had wanted to close her eyes and pretend that she was only sitting on a roller-coaster, though she hated that too. In her current situation, however, it was difficult for her to exit halfway even if she wanted to. She had to endure.

However, it felt even scarier when she closed her eyes. It felt as though the entire world was spinning.

She had no choice but to open her eyes and stare straight ahead.

The scenery before her flashed past her in a blurry whiz.

"Mu Xiaoxiao!" Yin Shaojie shouted harshly suddenly.

Mu Xiaoxiao senses returned. She whimpered, her entire body on the verge of collapsing over as though she would faint at anytime.

His face pale, Yin Shaojie gritted his teeth and cursed.

He had to slow down for her safety.

One by one, he was overtaken by the cars he had overtaken.

Someone even whooped with joy. It sounded grating.

Yin Shaojie's face looked ashen, but he still turned to Mu Xiaoxiao and asked concernedly, "Are you feeling better now?"

Seeing that he was about to stop the car, she hastily shouted, "Don't! Don't stop!"

She had seen them being overtaken just now and felt guilty about it. Forgetting her discomfort, she looked at him anxiously.

"Jie, hurry and catch up to them! You can do it! You're only a little behind now; hurry up and catch up to them!"

Yin Shaojie looked at her. Her face was not only pallid, but her forehead was also beaded with cold sweat. Her usually pink lips were pale and trembling.

"Never mind," he sighed and said. However, his expression a little unwilling.

Yet, he would choose her safety in such a situation over anything else.

"No way!" Mu Xiaoxiao said hurriedly. Perhaps it was because of her anxiety, but color returned to her face gradually.

"Yin Shaojie… didn't you brag that you were the best? You've never lost before. If you lose, are you able to stand the others' gloating? So you can't lose! You hear me?!"

In her excitement, Mu Xiaoxiao's volume increased. She wanted to goad him into not giving up.

"I'm fine now. I'm feeling much better, so hurry up and drive!" Yin Shaojie, are you a fool? If you don't drive now, then we won't be able to catch up!"

Seeing that the cars in front were getting further and further away to the point of not being able to see their rears, Mu Xiaoxiao was almost mad with anxiety.

"I want you to win! I don't want you to lose!" As Mu Xiaoxiao said this, she got choked up and looked at him with tears forming in her eyes.

Yin Shaojie's heart stirred. His dark eyes gazed at her, visibly moved.
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