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His eyes narrowed as he thought of one possibility. Could that wretch have blacklisted his number?

Thus, he used the landline and tried to dial her number.

This time, there was no busy signal.

She had indeed blacklisted him!

Yin Shaojie was so furious that his chest heaved. He swore that once he found her, he would definitely smack her butt ruthlessly.

"Hello." The call connected, and Mu Xiaoxiao's voice was heard. It sounded muffled as though her mouth was stuffed.

Yin Shaojie's brows furrowed. Was she eating something?

"Where are you?" he asked.

Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned. She recognized his voice and froze for a moment before harrumphing. "I'm not telling you. Find me if you can! You went overboard today — I'm not talking to you before you apologize. Bye bye!"

With that, she hung up on him with a bang.

Yin Shaojie stared at the receiver for a while, his lips twisting into a sinister smile. "Think I can't find you? You'll see!" he muttered.

However, hearing her tone, things didn't seem like he had imagined. So she wasn't with Lu Yichen right now?

This mystery would be solved once he found her.

Yin Shaojie entered his study and turned on his laptop. Digging up another phone, he dialed Mu Xiaoxiao's number again.

"Hello!" Mu Xiaoxiao picked up the call.

Yin Shaojie waited for a while on purpose, and in that space, his long, elegant fingers flew across the keyboard as he typed.

He then said, "If you don't give me a hint, how am I going to know where you are?"

Upon hearing that it was him, Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled and said, "A hint; lemme think… I'm at a very luxurious place. It's very comfortable here, and I'm enjoying myself very much. Can you guess where?"

"It's done," Yin Shaojie said suddenly.

"Ah?" Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't comprehend what he had said.

"I'll find you — wait for me!" Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes at the result on the screen dangerously. He had found where she was.

He hung up before Mu Xiaoxiao could reply.

Mu Xiaoxiao's face froze as she stared at her phone for a while. Did she mishear something, or had she accidentally revealed her location?

Thinking back to their conversation, she hadn't!

She harrumphed internally and threw her phone to the side before continuing to munch on fruits.

She didn't believe that he could really find her!


Twenty minutes later.

Laying on the sofa, Mu Xiaoxiao gave a little yawn and stretched. She walked over to the French window to admire the beautiful night scenery.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Mu Xiaoxiao was puzzled. Didn't they already send up the thing she wanted? Was there something they had missed out?

She opened the door without thinking.

"Mu Xiaoxiao!" A tall, handsome figure rushed in before she could react and hugged her.

Realizing who it was, Mu Xiaoxiao was shocked. "Yin Shaojie?! How did you… How did you know where I was?"

She couldn't believe that he had really found her!

Yin Shaojie inspected the entire suite and confirmed that there was no sign of Lu Yichen. He finally relaxed.

When he found that she was in a hotel, he was so worried that she was with Lu Yichen that he drove over at top speed. Originally, it would have taken him 30 minutes, but he had arrived in just 20.

"Come home with me right now!" Grabbing onto her wrist, he tried to pull her away.
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