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Mu Xiaoxiao stared at him with a red face. "You dare!"

If he were to use this order to make her do that thing…

Yin Shaojie smiled naughtily. He didn't say anything more as they walked, his arm around her.

On the contrary, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't calm herself down, wondering what order he would give her, and she could no longer focus on having fun anymore.

No. Either way, I'd still have to go through it.

Thus, Mu Xiaoxiao simply grabbed him and asked, "Tell me now, what do you want to do?"

He had probably been scheming against her from the beginning, so he should have also thought about what order he would be giving her, right?

Yin Shaojie touched his lower lip and looked very troubled. "Well, I haven't decided yet."

"I don't believe you! You must have already decided!"

Mu Xiaoxiao thought that he must be pretending, realizing now what a black-bellied guy he was!

Yin Shaojie shook his head. "I really haven't decided yet, but hearing you say that, I think I got it."

"What?" Mu Xiaoxiao quickly pricked up her ears.

The corner of his mouth turned up. "You haven't forgotten, have you? You promised me that you would wear the clothes I picked for you to let me see. You haven't fulfilled that promise yet. Mu Xiaoxiao, aren't you afraid that your nose will grow longer? How many times have you not kept your word?"

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Could she pretend not to know what he was saying?

Ugh, it seemed like it wasn't possible anymore.

"Alright… I'll fulfill the promise, okay? What do you want then?" Hugging the strawberry plushie, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but give it a punch.

It's all because of this strawberry plushie. If not for it, she wouldn't have played into this demon's hands.

Yin Shaojie smiled and pinched her cheek. "You said this yourself. If you don't keep your word again…"

Mu Xiaoxiao smacked away his hand and shot a sidelong glance at him, saying, "I told you I will! Hurry up and tell me what the order is then."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"I really haven't decided yet. Okay, talk about it when we get back. Let's go play something else then. How about this?" Yin Shaojie said, changing the subject.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked over, and her expression was stiff. "Haunted, haunted house? No! Not even if you kill me!"

She got scared easily, okay?

Especially of ghosts!

Seeing her refuse to go, Yin Shaojie became even more interested, the corner of his mouth revealing his sinister thoughts. He held her as they walked to that place. "Come on. I want to play. Just treat it as if you are accompanying me. You'll find it fun once you do it."

"How can it be? It won't be!" Mu Xiaoxiao quickly opposed him.

Haunted houses wouldn't be fun even if you played them a hundred times or a thousand times, alright?!

"Why are you so scared? It won't eat you. These things are fake. What's there to be scared of?"

"You're not scared, but I am!" Mu Xiaoxiao kept shrinking back, looking really scared.

However, the more she showed her dread, the more he wanted to take her in.

Mu Xiaoxiao brushed his hand off and beat him with the plushie. "Are you doing this on purpose? You know that I'm scared, yet you're still trying to take me in!"

Yin Shaojie laughed, "You're mistaken then. Haunted houses are only fun when people are scared. It'd be meaningless if they weren't scared."

Mu Xiaoxiao paused. What he said seemed to make sense.

But what did this have to do with her?

In any case, she was not going in!

As he pulled Mu Xiaoxiao to the entrance, all kinds of screams could be heard from inside, and she couldn't stop her hair from standing on end.

Inside… Could it really be that horrifying inside?
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