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Song Shijun walked over and said, "Isn't it obvious? It's a hatred that stemmed from love! I could tell early on that this guy liked Xiaoxiao. He sits in front of Xiaoxiao and interacts with Xiaoxiao everyday; it would be weird if he didn't like her."

Yu Zhe was lying on the carpet. His blood kept on flowing, causing his brain to be a little fuzzy.

Even though he couldn't move, he could still hear their conversation clearly.

In his haze, he felt a wisp of indescribable… happiness?

Hehe, at this moment, he didn't even think about his injury or whether he would die, but rather, he was feeling happy? If he told this to anyone, there would probably be no one who would believe him.

However, it was a fact.

In front of him were Yin Shaojie, Ye Sijue, and Han Qiqing—three out of the Big Four Families were here. The mayor's son, Song Shijun, was here too.

In Shangde, almost everyone wanted to enter their circle with a fanatic passion, as this represented the ultimate honor, and it came with many, many benefits too.

Yu Zhe was also one of these people. He had thirsted after entering their clique and wouldn't even mind if he was an assistant.

However, with his status and power, that was impossible.

Thus, he had never imagined that there would be a day where these people would remember his existence even though he knew that it was because of Xiaoxiao that he was remembered by these people.

However, this had already fulfilled his dream.

Yu Zhe couldn't help but laugh.

Upon seeing a movement from him, Mu Xiaoxiao hurriedly came closer. "Yu Zhe, how are you? Wait just a little more; the ambulance is arriving soon."

Yu Zhe's gaze focused on her little face with difficulty.

He suddenly wanted to lift his hand up and touch her.

However, his arm seemed heavy as lead, and he couldn't lift it up.

"Xiaoxiao… I'm sorry…"

Also, thank you.

Yu Zhe's world darkened, and his head fell to one side.

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes widened in shock as she called out, her voice trembling, "Y-Yu Zhe? W-What's wrong…"

Her tears leaped out instantly, and she was so afraid that she dared not to touch Yu Zhe.

Was he dead?

Yin Shaojie frowned as he kneeled down and felt Yu Zhe's pulse on his neck.

He tutted and said, "Relax, he's only fainted because he lost too much blood. He's not dead yet."

The rest looked at him. Did he sound disappointed by that?

Mu Xiaoxiao jolted. There were still tears at the corners of her eyes and she sniffed. "R-Really? He's fine?"

Yin Shaojie said unpleasantly, "I don't know if anything bad will happen to him, but he's not dead yet."

It was only then that Mu Xiaoxiao breathed a sigh of relief.

Upon seeing that she still had tears in the corners of her eyes, Yin Shaojie instantly became mad. "Get rid of those tears right now!" he said, displeased.

Motherf*cking h*ll. He became very displeased upon seeing her cry for another man.

If Yu Zhe hadn't fainted, he would have absolutely beaten this fellow up for sure.


Han Yun'er was at the back door of this house. Upon seeing this development, she instructed the chauffeur to leave quickly.

Han Yun'er's lips curled up at the success of her scheme as she thought of Han Xue'er being taken away by the police.

This was great!


Yu Zhe was hastily sent to the hospital.

Luckily, just like Yin Shaojie had said, he only lost an excessive amount of blood and didn't catch an infection.

After a blood transfusion and some treatment, Yu Zhe woke up soon after.
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