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Bang—the door closed.

The person on the bed moved about and rolled over. Her face was toward the window as the sunlight shined on her little face.

Dazzled by the sun's rays, she finally couldn't help but open her eyes and lift her palms to block the rays.

"Ungh uh…"

She moaned and turned her body over to the other side.

She was tired all over as if all her strength had been sucked out of her, and she just wanted to sleep well.

Mo Xiaomeng stretched herself and touched the soft pillow with her little hand.

This bed is so big and so comfortable…

She couldn't help but roll back and forth on the bed happily.

She sighed in contentment, pressed her lips together, and was ready to continue sleeping.

However, her stomach began to grumble.

Mo Xiaomeng slept for a few more minutes, but then she couldn't stand the grumbling of her stomach, so she had no choice but to open her eyes.

"So hungry…"

Why do I feel so hungry?

She used to wake up late, but she had never felt so hungry before, and it was as if she hadn't eaten all day and night.

Mo Xiaomeng was so hungry that she finally sat up.

She tried to reach for the phone at the side, thinking about calling the hotel to have them send breakfast.

However, this bed was too big, and because her hand was too short, she couldn't reach the nightstand.

Mo Xiaomeng sighed. She had no choice but to shift her body to reach it.

Suddenly, she froze, and her eyes widened.


This room wasn't the one she had been staying at!

The memory suddenly returned like a tide, reminding her of what happened last night.

Oh yeah!

She was sold by the bad guys and then saved by a handsome guy…

Mo Xiaomeng looked around but didn't find Ye Sijue anywhere.

Muddled-headed, she even wondered if what happened was all a dream.

But after taking another look around, she confirmed that this wasn't the room that she had booked. Because the memory of the previous night matched this place, she knew that it wasn't a dream.

It seems that he has gone out?

Mo Xiaomeng lifted the blanket and got up. Just when she was worried about finding clothes to wear, she saw the skirt placed on the armchair.

This was women's clothing. It should have been prepared for her, right?

It can't be for himself, right?

Wearing a smile on her face, Mo Xiaomeng walked over to pick up the skirt. The skirt was light purple, which was a color she liked.

That handsome guy is surprisingly thoughtful.

Mo Xiaomeng quickly changed her clothes and left the room.


In a hidden house on the outskirts.

After Han Xue'er was done beating Mu Xiaoxiao, she was in a good mood as she walked out of the living room and reclined on the sofa.

As she was waiting for the bodyguard to set things up, she called Han Yun'er.

"Where did you go? If you are still not going to come, you'll miss the show."

Whenever Han Xue'er imagined the things that would happen to Mu Xiaoxiao later, she couldn't feel any happier. Even the tone of her voice as she was talking to Han Yun'er sounded more pleasant.

"I was just about to go over, but I was delayed by a little situation. How is it? Are things going smoothly? What are you going to do with Mu Xiaoxiao?" Han Yun'er asked.

But what was actually happening was that Han Yun'er was at the Han residence, sitting on the sofa as she answered the phone.

She had an eerie smirk.

Han Xue'er was laughing over the phone as she said delightedly, "It's something that you definitely can't have thought of! I sent someone to to find a bunch of dirty, stinky hobos. They are nauseating from top to bottom. Then, I'll give them money and have them rape Mu Xiaoxiao! Hahahahaha!"
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