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As long as the ball was in Yin Shaojie's hands, he was able to score easily, no matter how many people surrounded him.

Thus, the majority of Shangde's score was contributed by Yin Shaojie.

Did Yin Shaojie get into the court just to score points for his school?

Of course not!

Yin Shaojie looked up. A team member from Second High wanted to tackle him when the ball was rebounding. However, Yin Shaojie not only avoided the attack miraculously, but he also used the momentum to take the both of them to the floor, and he also gave a heavy knee to his opponent's abdomen.

The person grunted and almost fainted from the pain, seeing stars.

To others, this scene looked like an accident because Yin Shaojie had been unable to control his body when he fell.

Yeah, it was only an accident!

Thus, even if Second High complained, the referee didn't give Yin Shaojie a penalty.

During a basketball match, it was common for bodies to knock against each other. This was especially so when players tried to catch a ball that was rebounding, which would increase the chance of this happening.

To the referee, Second High had failed to prevent the rebounding ball from being caught, causing both of them to fall.

The whistle blew, and the match continued.

The Second High team were furious and glared daggers at Yin Shaojie. They looked as if they didn't care about anything else — the match wasn't important anymore; they must destroy him!

Yin Shaojie stood there, proud and smirking, glaring at them disdainfully.

His attitude angered the Second High team even more.

They exchanged glances with one another, planning to attack Yin Shaojie together.

At this moment, they didn't care whether they would break the rules anymore.

Even if one of them got a red card, it would be worth it if they could injure Yin Shaojie!

Fury had clouded their judgment.

This time, Shangde kicked off the match with the ball. Yin Shaojie wasn't the one who was handling the ball, but the Second High team focused all their attention on him.

Yin Shaojie looked at them scornfully. With his eyes, he signaled his teammate to pass the ball to him.

His teammate looked a little hesitant, but under Yin Shaojie's frosty gaze, he had no choice but to pass the ball over.

When the Second High team saw that the ball was now in his hands, they rushed over madly.

Yin Shaojie dodged the first person miraculously.

In front of him, there was someone who wanted to trip him up.

Yin Shaojie's dark eyes flashed coldly. He didn't hesitate to step on his opponent's foot as he jumped up into the air.

The person screamed in pain and hugged his injured foot in a fetal position.

"You — I will kill you!" the Second High team roared. They didn't look like they were only going to snatch the ball now; it looked like they were out to fight him.

However, Yin Shaojie didn't stop. Even thought= someone was injured, the match was still going since the referee didn't blow his whistle.

He didn't even glance at the people who came towards him with their fists out. He stepped aside, sprinted to the hoop, and threw the ball in.

"AH —"

The voices of the girls resounded throughout the stadium once more.

After that, no matter how fierce or aggressive the Second High team was towards Yin Shaojie, he always had a way to get back at them that was within the rules, and at the same time, he would score points.

The scoreboard kept changing but only on Shangde's side. The score for Second High remained stagnant.

There was only one minute left to the match, but the scores for both teams were already double the difference!

At this moment, Yin Shaojie stood proudly in the court like a king as he gazed at the Second High team disdainfully.

The girls in the spectator's seats were going crazy over Yin Shaojie, who looked like a lord of darkness.
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