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Even though Mu Xiaoxiao had tried to stand along the walls, she still almost collided into someone.

Luckily, a pair of muscular arms stabilized her when she was caught off guard.

"Sorry, sorry." The person who knocked into her rushed past as though they had something important to do and disappeared right after apologizing.

"Are you okay?" A low, calm voice rang beside her ear.

Mu Xiaoxiao froze. She lifted her gaze and met Lu Yichen's eyes.

"This is great!" She came back to her senses and jumped up and down.

Afraid that she would fall from this vigorous action, he stuck an arm out into the space beside her. "What's great?" he asked.

Mu Xiaoxiao grinned broadly. She thought that Qiqing had asked Lu Yichen to look for her after she had heard her WeChat message.

"You found me!" She said happily.

Lu Yichen usually cold gaze looked amused now. "Yeah, I've found you."

Just then, there was a blare of trumpets, signaling the start of the match.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him worriedly. "Aren't you going to play soon? Hurry up and go!"

"Let's go. Be careful."

Lu Yichen urged her with concern. He walked in front of her, and she followed behind him.

The girls who on the stadium seats and the cheerleaders nearby all saw Mu Xiaoxiao and Lu Yichen together.

They all glared at Mu Xiaoxiao with hatred.

"Mu Xiaoxiao is too much! She already has Young Master Jie but is still trying to seduce Senior Yichen."

"I know, right? How slutty can she get?"

"I'm so mad! I feel so angry just looking at her. Look, Senior Yichen treats her so well, and he looks like he's going to bring her to a front seat."

Suddenly, under all the pushing and shoving, someone threw an object at Mu Xiaoxiao.

When Lu Yichen was bringing Mu Xiaoxiao over to her seat, his peripheral vision caught the flying object.

The unknown object was immediately hit away by him.

"Who threw that!" he bellowed.

The crowd, who had been noisy, suddenly quietened down.

All the girls tried to look innocent. They shook their heads to show that it wasn't them.

No one was willing to admit to this, of course.

There were even some people who wanted to join in upon seeing that someone had already thrown something at Mu Xiaoxiao. They thought that since there were so many people, no one would know who had thrown the objects even if they hit Mu Xiaoxiao.

However, no one dared to do it under such circumstances.

This was especially so for Lu Yichen's fans. Even though they were very familiar with him, they had never seen him act so coldly and harshly before, and they were so scared by him that they were frozen to the spot.

Han Qiqing ran over as well. Standing beside Mu Xiaoxiao, she swept a glance across all the girls on the seats.

"Who threw that! Come out this instant! So you dare to throw it but won't admit to it, huh?"

Mu Xiaoxiao tugged at her sleeve hastily. "Alright, enough. The competition is about to start; let's not hinder it. They won't dare to do it again."

Han Qiqing tutted coldly. She warned the girls, "Let me tell you something. Don't think that you'll be able to get away scot-free just because you didn't admit to it. Do you see what's there?"

She pointed towards a camera at the corner of the stadium.

The girls inhaled. They had obviously forgotten that there were cameras in the basketball stadium.

Han Qiqing spread her arms wide as she looked at them with contempt. "When the competition ends, I'll be extracting the video feed. I will catch the culprit!"
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