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Yin Shaojie looped an arm around her shoulders and led her up the stairs.

He said, "I told the teacher that your academic progress overseas is not up to China's standard and that she should give you some more time for tutoring."

Upon hearing that she needed tutoring, Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't help but whine. "Do I really need tuition? Can I not? I'll pay attention in class in the future; is that enough?"

She really didn't like tutoring. She hated it!

Mu Xiaoxiao felt like going back to America right there and then…

Yin Shaojie gazed at her with his dark eyes. He looked as if he knew what she was thinking, and said, "What are you thinking about? Are you thinking of going back to America to study?"

Thus exposed, Mu Xiaoxiao pouted gloomily. "Actually, I feel that having an overseas education is beneficial… It's just that China's education attaches too much importance to exams and scores and neglects many other things."

Shangde High actually had a wide range of courses to develop students more holistically.

However, four years of Mu Xiaoxiao's adolescence were spent in America, and she was already used to that type of lifestyle.

Yin Shaojie said to her, "Every education system has its pros and cons. I remember that you were excellent in your studies when we were in elementary school and scored fantastically for every single subject. You'll be able to score well if you just study hard."

"Do I have to?" Mu Xiaoxiao frowned and looked at him with her large, pitiful eyes.

Yin Shaojie looked at her and said, "Don't you know?"

"Know what?" Mu Xiaoxiao was puzzled.

Yin Shaojie said a little severely, "Even though Class S is made up of the Year's students from both the best backgrounds and top scorers, you'll be kicked out of Class S if your results are too bad, no matter what your background is.

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes widened. "Really?"

She recalled the painful 39 marks she had scored and the scoreless math paper.

Even though she had gotten a perfect score for English, the difference in her scores was too large. Her overall score, when added up, still looked abysmal.

Actually, Mu Xiaoxiao wasn't a person with a lot of pride, and she didn't feel the need to stay in Class S.

However, as she thought about how she couldn't be in the same class as Yu Zhe to talk to or gossip with, she felt a little unhappy.

Also, she didn't even need to imagine it to know how much the girls in the other classes hated her.

She would probably die if she transferred to another class.

Mu Xiaoxiao thought of something else and exclaimed, "Will I be transferred to Class F because of my results?"

Yin Shaojie seemed very serious as he said, "It's a possibility."

Mu Xiaoxiao's eyes widened in fright. "I don't want that! I don't want to go to Class F!"

She didn't care that Class F was the class with the worst reputation, but she was worried about the students inside.

They said that Class F consisted of students who didn't like to study, had bad personal habits, and had vile attitudes. They were all from nouveau riche backgrounds and had been able to obtain a place here through money.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't want to go to a class like that!

Yin Shaojie smirked as he placed his arms around her neck. "You should study hard then. If you don't score well for the next tests… I won't be able to help you," he said frighteningly.

Mu Xiaoxiao pursed her lips. "Then do I… look for the teacher for tutoring?"

Her eyes lit up suddenly, and she snapped her fingers. "Oh yeah! I can look for Lu Yichen! He's the top student, so he should have some secret formula for studying…"
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