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Betty was by the poolside, surrounded by many girls and guys, enjoying the feeling of being pleased and flattered.

One of her female friends squeezed over to her. "That Mu Xiaoxiao is here. However, she's not wearing the dress you picked out," she whispered by her ear.

Betty looked over at where she was pointing.

It was indeed Mu Xiaoxiao.

Even though she was wearing a mask, she recognized the dress she was wearing earlier today.

If Mu Xiaoxiao didn't wear the dress she had sent, or even changed into another one, she might not have been able to recognize her, for everyone here was wearing masks that covered half their faces. Even if they were acquainted, they may not recognize each other.

Another female companion asked, "Betty, what do we do now? Do we still go ahead with the plan?"

Betty glared at Mu Xiaoxiao and harrumphed. "Of course we're going on with the plan! I will get even for making me lose face today!"

"But she isn't wearing the clothes that we've prepared…"

Betty narrowed her eyes. "The dress she's wearing will do too. If she falls into the water, the fabric would be see-through as well.

"Got it. I'll call for the preparations to be made."

Actually, their plan was simple. They just wanted Mu Xiaoxiao to look bad in front of the crowd by pushing her into the pool and exposing her body.

The fabric of the dress that they had prepared would shrink if it touched water.

Maybe Mu Xiaoxiao was too vigilant or had found out about their plan, but she didn't wear the dress in the end.

However, what they hadn't known was that Mu Xiaoxiao didn't know how to swim. Thus, she would subconsciously avoid the pool and wouldn't go near, staying far away from it.

The venue was extremely big. There were people hugging and dancing, and there were others drinking merrily.

Mu Xiaoxiao liked this about America. Everyone was very open, which made parties exciting and the atmosphere really hyped.

She was unconsciously influenced by this mood, and her mouth quirked up involuntarily.

Just then, a person came up to her and gestured if she wanted to dance.

However, Mu Xiaoxiao shook her head and rejected him.

The man retreated embarrassedly.

From afar, Betty and her clique were seething with hatred. Why wasn't she taking the bait?

"What now? How are we supposed to lure her to the poolside?"

An idea came to Betty. "How about this. Go find a few boys to mess about, get them to move towards her gradually, and lift her up and throw her into the pool directly!"

If she couldn't be baited, they would use force!

"I… don't think that a good idea…"

"How is it not a good idea! Don't we do this usually? Hurry up and do it!"

However, they only did this to people they were close to, and no one usually did this to people they weren't familiar with.

However, the female friends had no choice but to listen to her orders.

Just then, a pretty female host with a beautiful figure talked into the mike.

"Since we have a masked ball tonight, so… everyone guess it! There's one thing that we can't miss! Is everyone ready?"

Upon hearing this, Betty's eyes lit up. "They're going to turn off the lights; let's make use of this chance to pull her directly to the poolside and push her into the water!"

Betty was pleased at her plan and decided to execute it herself!

"Both of you, come with me!"

Just then, the female host shouted in an excited voice, "Is everyone ready?"


"Turn off the lights!"

At this command, all the lights by the pool were switched off.
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