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Upon seeing her expression, Betty knew that her rumors were false, and she became a little peeved.

Why wasn't her family really bankrupt?

It would be so good if this was true!

She hated seeing Mu Xiaoxiao happy all day long as though she was never troubled by anything. It was so detestable!

Mu Xiaoxiao stood up suddenly and stared at Betty. Pointing a finger at the latter's nose, Mu Xiaoxiao warned, "I don't like your prejudiced words. What do you mean by calling China a backward country? Have you been to China? Do you understand our country's prowess? How narrow are your views! Betty, oh Betty, as a girl, you ought not to only care about shopping for bags all day long. You should broaden your perspectives, or you'll become a narrow-minded person!"

"You — " Betty's face was alternating between green and purple. "What right do you have to lecture me? Who do you think you are! You're only here and able to come to such a luxurious place because of my cousin! If not, you'll never get to do so in your entire lifetime!"

Mu Xiaoxiao tutted. She couldn't bother to argue with her any more.

Getting into a fight with someone with lower intelligence would cause her to stoop down to their level.

"Betty." William was frowning, and his tone was sharp. "Where are your manners? I feel that you need to return home to take more etiquette lessons. Your manners are unfit for such a formal event."

Betty panicked upon hearing this. "No, cousin! I was only… joking with her."

It was rare for her to be able to attend such a luxurious event where she had the chance to network with the most elite people from all corners of America, and she didn't want to lose this chance.

Mu Xiaoxiao gave two cold chuckles. "That joke wasn't funny at all."

William looked at her in the eye before saying to Betty, "Apologize."

Betty paled. "I… I didn't do it intentionally… I don't want to apologise! Cousin, who's your cousin here? Why are you protecting an outsider! Alright then, if you all don't like me, then I'll just leave, okay?"

If she continued to stay, she might really have to apologize to Mu Xiaoxiao, so she hurried away.

She was a little hasty in her retreat and accidentally knocked into an incoming waiter holding dishes.

"Ah —" Betty shrieked. She broke down as she looked at her ruined dress and reprimanded the waiter. "This is a new dress! What kind of rubbish dish is this; it's so disgusting! That's why I hate Chinese dishes — they not only taste bad, but they are ugly too.They're practically rubbish! Even a dog wouldn't eat them!"

Mu Xiaoxiao slammed the table as she stood up. She walked towards Betty with a severe look on her face.

William watched Xiaoxiao in amusement and didn't stop her.

Betty was still preoccupied with her dress and hadn't noticed that Xiaoxiao had already walked over. Her female companion was frantically helping to wipe her down with some serviettes and agreed with her. "Yeah, I know right. Chinese dishes are the world's most rubbish dishes. I don't get why so many people like them. The Chinese just love to eat rubbish."

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao's face darkened. She stood behind Betty with her fists clenched.

"Scram! Don't disturb me!" Betty replied frustratedly, not even bothering to see who the person who tapped her on her shoulder was.

"I want to talk to you about something." Mu Xiaoxiao pulled her over violently.

Betty only realized who the person who tugged at her was upon looking at her, and she was instantly unhappy. "Mu Xiaoxiao! What do you want? What do you want to say? You want to scold me? I'm not afraid of you!"
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