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Thus, they strolled around and browsed the clothes on the shelf as William held her.

He got the salesperson to pick out the clothes Mu Xiaoxiao gave more attention to and also those he felt would look good on her.

They unknowingly picked out more than ten pieces.

Mu Xiaoxiao exclaimed, "So many? I don't feel like trying them on anymore…"

She wanted to give up this retail therapy session when she thought about needing to try every piece on.

William smiled. "Why should you try them on here? Let them deliver them to your house directly, and you can try them on one by one when you're bored."

He then snapped his fingers, bringing a salesperson over.

The smiled on the salesperson's face looked as though it was about to split her ears open. "Young Master William, how may I be of service to you?" she asked obsequiously.

"Wrap all of this up and deliver them to this place."

He then fished out his own card.

The salesperson received the cared respectfully and went to settle the payment quickly before noting down the place of delivery.

After the two of them walked out of the store, Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly recalled something. "William, why are you here?" she asked.

He was a person who didn't like to shop, so how did he end up at the shopping center?

William's face turned sour at the mention of this. "I was dragged out here by the women of the house to accompany them to shop. It was boring me to death, so I escaped while they weren't looking," he complained.

He hadn't expected to meet her.

It was William's turn to question her now. "Oh yeah, why didn't you say anything before you came back? You should've gathered everyone to celebrate. We miss you very much."

Mu Xiaoxiao's face fell suddenly as she recalled her sadness.

"William, can you please not tell everyone that I've come back?"

William stopped walking and studied her expression. "What happened?" he asked seriously.

This girl's face was an open book, and he could tell with a single glance that there was something wrong.

"I…" What should she say? That she was heartbroken? That her heart had been hurt by her childhood friend?

Actually, Mu Xiaoxiao felt like there was nothing she couldn't say in front of William. William was one of her closest friends, and there were a tacit understanding and friendship between them that didn't require words to describe.


On the other hand, Yin Shaojie also arrived at this particular shopping center. He got the driver to wait outside, and he entered alone. He first went to the area selling male fashion and changed into a fresh set of clothes.

He then began his search for Xiaoxiao in this gigantic mall.

As he walked, he felt a strong gut feeling that Xiaoxiao was right here and not far off from him!

Actually, Yin Shaojie wasn't a person who believed in telepathy, but he did in this moment as he walked forward according to his instincts.

From afar, he spotted a petite figure. It was a silhouette that he was more than familiar with.

However, he suddenly stopped short because the girl was currently being embraced by a tall boy. The pair's posture looked intimate as though they were lovers.

That couldn't be Xiaoxiao then.

However, Yin Shaojie couldn't control his legs, and he continued walking in their direction.

When he saw Mu Xiaoxiao's face, his heart sank.

It really was her!

Like a lurking black panther, Yin Shaojie's sharp gaze locked onto them as he walked over briskly.

While talking to Mu Xiaoxiao, William suddenly felt a mysterious murderous intent. He pushed Mu Xiaoxiao away just as he felt the air ripple with an incoming punch before blocking it with his palm.
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