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Lisa thought for a moment before pretending to say casually, "Miss, I heard from the weather forecast that the temperature today will drop quite drastically. So if you're going out, you should take a jacket with you."

Just as she finished saying that, she looked as if she had remembered something again. "Oh yeah, the weather forecast also said that it may rain today. I don't know if it's going to start raining soon. Miss, if you look at the sky outside, it appears to be slightly dark. Perhaps, it will start raining soon."

Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao lowered her head, thinking about something.

After forcing herself to eat some more of her breakfast, Mu Xiaoxiao used the wet towel to wipe her hands. She stood up and instinctively walked toward the balcony.


She quickly stopped herself, her fists clenched tightly.

Mu Xiaoxiao, don't go soft!

She took a deep breath, trying to empty her mind and not think about how Yin Shaojie was doing outside. No matter what happened to him, it was no longer her problem!

After walking into the changing room, Mu Xiaoxiao came out after a while carrying a bag. Carrying in on her shoulders, she then said to Lisa, "Arrange a car for me to leave by the back door."

She could not stay here any longer.

Though she had restrained herself from seeing Yin Shaojie from the balcony, she realized that he was still lingering on her mind.

Moreover, it was too comfortable staying at home. There was nothing to fill her mind, and Yin Shaojie was just outside. Even if she had forgotten him, he would still creep back into her mind.

So it's still the same saying: "What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over!"

If she went out, she would not know even if he were to be caught in the rain or if he were to catch a cold, and she would not have to keep thinking about him and be affected by him.

"Okay, I'll arrange it right away," Lisa replied, and she then left the room.

After checking the things in her bag, she carried the bag and went out.

She walked down the corridor, went downstairs from the rear staircase, and walked further towards the rear of the house.

The Mu family's domestic helpers had all undergone professional training, so they were very efficient. When she arrived at the back gate, the car has already been prepared.

Suddenly, a gust of cold wind blew past. Feeling a little cold, Mu Xiaoxiao she could not help but pause just as she was entering the car.

Lisa helped to cover the top of her head. Seeing that she was staring blankly, she was puzzled and called out to her, "Miss?"

Mu Xiaoxiao snapped out of it and sat in the car.

Just as Lisa was going to close the door, Mu Xiaoxiao suddenly called out, "Lisa."

"Miss, what can I do for you?" Lisa asked deferentially with both hands at her belly.

Mu Xiaoxiao's finger was gesturing as she said, "Go and give him a clean set of clothes to change into. After all, all who come are our guests."

The additional explanation at the end was obviously unnecessary.

If she had really treated him as a guest, then she wouldn't have allowed him to be chased out of the house so disrespectfully earlier.

Lisa smiled as she nodded. "Understood, Miss."

"Okay." After Mu Xiaoxiao gave Lisa instructions, Mu Xiaoxiao felt more at ease and did not worry about it anymore, and she then instructed the chauffeur to start driving.


At the front entrance of the villa.

Lisa quickly passed through the garden, carrying a set of men's leisurely clothes as she walked up to Yin Shaojie.

She said very ceremonially, "Young Master, your clothes are wet. Please change clothes lest you catch a cold."

Yin Shaojie did not even spare her a glance, and he said coldly, "No need."

Lisa was stunned for a moment, and she had no choice but to rephrase what she had said. "It's Miss who instructed me to bring the clothes here."

Yin Shaojie was still motionless, not responding to her.

Lisa was unsure if he had believed her, and she grew nervous.
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