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Wang Shiyu shook the arm she was hugging and said affectionately, "When you get together with Yin Shaojie and become the belle of society, please don't forget about your best friend!"

Both embarrassed and joking, An Zhixin said, "There's nothing between us yet. And it may be that… He doesn't even like me!"

"How could he not like you! If he didn't like you, why would he let you stay in such a luxurious condominium? If he didn't like you, why would he gift you so many designer clothes?"

How could Wang Shiyu not know what she was thinking?

It would be impossible for An Zhixin to never have thought of the things she had mentioned earlier. However, she would only be satisfied when it was uttered from someone else's mouth.

Humans were just like that!

Internally, Wang Shiyu sneered at her, but her face didn't betray her thoughts. She continued to tug at An Zhixin's arm warmly and said, "So when you're together with Yin Shaojie in the future and enter the society of the rich and elite, remember to introduce a rich young master to me, okay? I want one with a handsome face and gorgeous figure! Hehe, then, we will marry into the elite!"

"You're thinking too far ahead, aren't you?" An Zhixin smiled, but she was obviously on cloud nine.

"It's not far, it really isn't! Anyway, this is our agreement, okay! We're best friends, right?"

"Of course, we're best friends forever! Forever and ever!"

"Yeah, forever and ever!"


On the other side of town.

Mu Xiaoxiao had never imagined that Han Qiqing would take her to a coffee shop.

"The environment here's not bad, but it doesn't seem special." Mu Xiaoxiao surveyed the place and looked at Han Qiqing in puzzlement.

Han Qiqing craned her neck and pointed at a particular spot. "Look over there."

Mu Xiaoxiao looked towards where she was pointing. When her gaze finally focused on the handsome and austere silhouette, she exclaimed, "Lu Yichen?!"

"Keep your voice down!" Han Qiqing patted her anxiously.

Mu Xiaoxiao immediately understood that this was where Lu Yichen worked on the weekends.

So, Han Qiqing had brought her here to peek at Lu Yichen?

Mu Xiaoxiao didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this. "Can you not… You're behaving like an infatuated idiot, okay?"

Han Qiqing propped her chin on the table. Pouting, she said, "What else can I do? It's only here that I can see him on the weekends."

Mu Xiaoxiao stared at her and asked suspiciously, "Could it be that… you stay here and stare at him all day long whenever you come here?"

Han Qiqing blinked but didn't answer. However, her expression had already given her away.

Mu Xiaoxiao pinched her forehead in helplessness.

Why did she have such an infatuated idiot for a friend?

Han Qiqing said in a small voice, "Actually, I don't sit here all day… It's only for half a day. He gets off work at six."

Mu Xiaoxiao was speechless.

Was she complaining that half a day was too short?

How could I have such a love-crazy friend!

The pair were whispering to each other and didn't realize that that particular handsome and austere silhouette had already walked towards them.

"What would you two ladies like to drink?" A clear magnetic voice rang out.

Both Mu Xiaoxiao and Han Qiqing started at the same time.

Han Qiqing buried her face into the tablecloth embarrassedly, not daring to lift her head.

Mu Xiaoxiao turned back awkwardly and gave a little wave with her hand, pretending to be surprised. "Hello! What a coincidence! So you work here?" she said to Lu Yichen.

Lu Yichen gave a little smile. "I thought you came here specially to visit me. Is that not the case?"
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