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<p>Mu Xiaoxiao's gears were turning. <em>He wants to help me? How is he going to help me? At most, he could only change the air conditioning to a cooler setting.</em></p><p><em>Or could it be that he has already figured out that I'm acting?</em></p><p><em>Is he just testing me?</em></p><p><em>If that's the case, then I can't expose myself. I have to keep pretending and make it more convincing.</em></p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao thought about how drunk people behaved on TV.</p><p><em>They speak unclearly and cannot control themselves?</em></p><p><em>Yeah, that's what I'll do!</em></p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao could not see with her eyes closed, and she felt around randomly. She happened to feel Yin Shaojie's chest, and her hand grabbed his shirt as she pulled recklessly. </p><p>"Boohoo… Jie. I'm so uncomfortable…"</p><p>Then, she suddenly hugged onto his neck and pulled down his head.</p><p>Little did she know that the two were extremely close now, their heads almost touching. </p><p>Yin Shaojie was staring at her flushed face close up. It was red and healthy like a honey peach, looking especially tasty.</p><p>He could clearly smell the youthful womanly fragrance from her body. It smelled so good that it put one on the brink of sinking into depravity. </p><p><em>Does this wretch know how cute she looks now?</em></p><p>Suddenly, a strong urge welled up in him. He wanted to know just how tasty this 'honey peach' was.</p><p>Recalling the taste of kissing her previously, it made him yearn for more as he couldn't help but let his imagination run wild.</p><p>Yin Shaojie's eyes were burning as they were riveted on her rosy lips.</p><p>Finally, his rationality eroded, and he caved in to his desires…</p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao did not hear him for some time, and she was afraid that he had already found out that she had been acting. After all, that fellow had been tested to have a super high IQ when he was young. Perhaps she couldn't fool him?</p><p>Just as she was thinking about how to continue the act to get through this ordeal…</p><p>Suddenly, her lips were caressed by something that felt slightly rough, but its movement was very gentle.</p><p><em>It feels like… his finger?</em></p><p><em>What is he doing?</em></p><p>The next second, something soft came in place of his finger, pressing on her lips. </p><p><em>What… is this?</em></p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao was startled. Her brain had stopped processing, and she was unresponsive, looking blank and stupid.</p><p><em>C—could it be that he is using something to tease me?</em></p><p><em>Right, that must be it!</em></p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao could not resist her curiosity as she instinctively stuck out her tongue to find out what that thing was. </p><p>She touched it.</p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao's body stiffened, and her mind went blank.</p><p>He, he, he, he, he—</p><p>The truth was finally revealed, but Mu Xiaoxiao was slow to react as she wondered if she was not just dreaming…</p><p>Just like the last time when she had dreamed of Yin Shaojie kissing her.</p><p><em>So this is also a dream?</em></p><p>Otherwise, why would Yin Shaojie kiss her!</p><p><em>Yes, yes, yes. I must be dreaming. I must totally be dreaming!</em></p><p>This was the first time Mu Xiaoxiao had experienced such an intimate activity while sober, so she was totally lost, and she could hardly resist it anymore.</p><p>Her breath was filled with his male pheromones.</p><p>It was as strong as alcohol, and it almost made one intoxicated.</p><p>He seemed to have also drunk some wine while soaking in the hot spring just now, and the smell made her slightly tipsy.</p><p>Initially, she thought that they would just have a short kiss.</p><p>However, he did not seem to be letting go of her anytime soon.</p><p>Sensing her retreat, Yin Shaojie clamped down her chin and lifted her head slightly.</p>
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