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<p>Looking at the brush of red across her pouting lips, Yin Shaojie's mouth became dry.</p><p>"Okay, stay here. I'll get water for you."</p><p>He went over to the fridge to pour some water.</p><p>Then, the little girl, who was lying on the sofa watching secretly with narrowed eyes, opened her eyes looking sober unlike before.</p><p>Actually, she did not drink too much, but due to the hastened effect of the alcohol from soaking in the hot spring, she had fallen asleep.</p><p>But it was also because she had been soaking in the hot spring that the effect of the alcohol had dissipated quickly.</p><p>However…</p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao stuck her tongue out at him. She was afraid that Yin Shaojie would get angry at her and reprimand her for drinking in the hot spring and getting drunk. He would probably lecture her about how dangerous it was.</p><p>She could not be bothered to listen to his lecture, so she simply continued the act after she had woken up.</p><p><em>Hehe, feels pretty good watching him serve me!</em></p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao was very shrewd this time around. She knew that Yin Shaojie had a sharp eye, and it was hard to cheat him.</p><p>So before he turned back, she closed her eyes, relaxed, and pretended to be in an intoxicated state.</p><p>Yin Shaojie quickly walked over as he held the cup of water. He squatted down beside the sofa and said to her in a magnetic voice, "The water's here. Sit up and have a drink."</p><p>"Feed me…" Mu Xiaoxiao mumbled indistinctly.</p><p>Yin Shaojie drew very close to her. When she opened her mouth, he could smell the alcohol from her body.</p><p>He could not help but frown. <em>How much did this wretch drink exactly?</em></p><p><em>No wonder she's so drunk.</em></p><p>Though he was looking as if he was unsure of what to do with her, his movements were gentle as he held up her head to let her drink the water. </p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao was really thirsty. Thus, she gulped down half the cup of water.</p><p>Yin Shaojie placed the cup back on the coffee table. He put his elegant fingers against her cheeks to test her temperature, and he said to her in a low voice as if a subwoofer was beside her ears, "Do you feel better now?"</p><p>From such a close distance, Mu Xiaoxiao felt as if her ear was being tickled.</p><p><em>Damn!</em></p><p>How did she only find out now that that rascal, Yin Shaojie, had such a sexy voice?</p><p>It was as if it could give eargasms.</p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao's face turned a deeper red. Her heart was feeling weak from the tickle of his voice, and it immediately started beating faster.</p><p>"So hot… My head feels so dizzy. Boohoo, so uncomfortable…"</p><p>To make it more convincing, she even twisted around on the sofa, her face grimacing as if she was really uncomfortable.</p><p>Actually, it was not completely fake as she was really feeling hot.</p><p>Perhaps it was the remaining alcohol in her body that had yet to dissipate.</p><p>However, she didn't know how the posture she was in made her look while wearing a bathrobe. The tail of the bathrobe was pulled apart, exposing her slender, fair leg.</p><p>Mu Xiaoxiao crossed her legs and rubbed them against each other. The delicate sensation made her feel very comfortable.</p><p>She could not help but think that her skin was much softer after soaking in the hot spring.</p><p>Because her eyes were shut, she did not realize that a certain demon was gazing passionately at her.</p><p>Yin Shaojie's eye was like obsidian burning in a blaze.</p><p>From his position, he could see her beautiful legs, crossed and rubbing, up to her chest, which was exposed her delicate clavicle due to her haphazard movements pulling apart the collar of the bathrobe.</p><p>Yin Shaojie said in a lower voice, "Uncomfortable? Then, how would you like me to help you?"</p>
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