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"Eh! Wait!" Han Qiqing saw that something was wrong, and she grabbed the bathrobe on the chair and jumped over.

Though there was fog beside the hot spring, they could still see clearly.

Before Yin Shaojie could focus his eyes, he only caught a flash of fair skin.

Then, Han Qiqing threw herself over and wrapped Mu Xiaoxiao with the bathrobe.

Yin Shaojie stared blankly. Even if it was just a flash, the two snow white lumps on her chest seemed very clear. It was imprinted instantly in his mind, and he could no longer forget it.

As he was holding her, he could feel the delicate skin clearly on his palm. Perhaps it was because she had just been soaking in the hot spring. It was smoother and more tender than even a baby's skin that one would hate to let go.

However, as Han Qiqing shouted, he could only let go of her reluctantly so that she could help Xiaoxiao to wear the bathrobe.

Yin Shaojie felt his nose itchy, and he quickly pinched it, his elegant face showing suspicious signs of redness.

"Yin Shaojie, stop standing there! Quickly, hold Xiaoxiao. I can't hold her for much longer!"

Han Qiqing shout snapped him out of it.

Yin Shaojie reached out his long arm and carried her by the waist.

He lowered his head to look. Han Qiqing had helped her put on the towel, covering the exposed skin.

However, at the thought of skin, the image of snow white, moist breasts would uncontrollably float in his mind.

Yin Shaojie felt his nose was slightly odd again.

He did not want to stay here any longer. The misty fog was like a beautiful scene out of a dream, and it was easy to get carried away.

He quickly carried Mu Xiaoxiao out of the hot spring room.

Just as Han Qiqing was going to follow behind him, she remembered that she was still wearing a towel, so she turned back to change into a bathrobe.

Since Yin Shaojie was there, Xiaoxiao would not come to any danger.

Outside the door, Song Shijun was still waiting. Seeing Yin Shaojie carrying Xiaoxiao out of the room, he quickly stepped forward to ask, "How is she? Is Xiaoxiao alright?"

"She should be fine. I'll carry her into the room."

Song Shijun followed behind him, taking a few steps before realizing that Han Qiqing was not around. Just as he was about to turn back to look for her, she came over in her bathrobe.

He asked her hurriedly, "What happened just now? How did Xiaoxiao faint inside?"

Yin Shaojie was also curious to know what had happened, but the situation was urgent earlier, so he hadn't had a chance to ask Han Qiqing her then.

Han Qiqing looked remorseful as she said honestly, "We were drinking some wine… Xiaoxiao seemed to have gotten drunk, and because she was also soaking in the hot spring, she fainted.

Afraid that Yin Shaojie would scold her, she quickly explained, "Before she fainted, we were still chatting fine. When I found her acting weirdly, I immediately came out to find help, so she hasn't fainted for very long."

After hearing her explanation, Yin Shaojie did not reproach her but only nodded his head slightly.

"Understood. So it should not be too big a problem. She just fell asleep."

Yin Shaojie lowered his head and looked at Mu Xiaoxiao's little face leaning against his chest. Her cheeks were rosy as she was sleeping soundly. It did not seem like she was unwell.

Shortly after, they reached the suite that they had booked.

Yin Shaojie placed Mu Xiaoxiao on the sofa and touched her cheek. It was hot, a natural phenomenon after soaking in a hot spring.

He placed a cold towel on her forehead to cool her down.

The flush on Mu Xiaoxiao's face gradually subsided, not showing the abnormal redness like before.

"She's fine now. You two can go out. I can take care of her here," Yin Shaojie said to the two.
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