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When he left, Song Shijun was preparing to enter the male hot spring room.

Suddenly, Han Qiqing grabbed his hand and pulled him into the female hot spring room.

Han Qiqing pinned him on the wall, her face smiling as she drew near. "About the topic earlier, tell me more …"

Song Shijun laughed. He shook his head and said, "No. You saw that too. He's not letting me talk!"

Great Master Yin had already threatened him. If he still talked about it, wouldn't he be courting death?

Don't be fooled by his status as the son of the mayor. Outsiders may think that that was impressive. However, compared to the Big Four Families, he was a notch below.

As he was turning to leave, Mu Xiaoxiao grabbed his arm to stop him.

The two girls exchanged glances, and Mu Xiaoxiao grasped intuitively as she smiled sinisterly and said, "If you don't talk, I will tell Yin Shaojie that you molested me!"

As she was speaking, she was trying to pull open her shirt.

Song Shijun frantically stopped her and said, "Stop! Oh my Great Mistress Mu, my dear lady. You're scaring me!"

He was not scared that Yin Shaojie would believe her words.

However, if she exposed herself and displayed just a tiny bit of sexiness, he had a feeling Yin Shaojie would beat him to death because of this.

Mu Xiaoxiao gleefully closed up to him as if her evil scheme had prevailed, and she said, "Don't worry. You can tell us secretly, and we won't let Yin Shaojie find out about us knowing, won't we?"

"Yeah!" Han Qiqing nodded in agreement.

Song Shijun did not want to hold up for too long, afraid that Yin Shaojie might be done with his phone call soon.

Then, in a single breath, he quickly finished what he was saying earlier, "Here is what happened. Yin Shaojie has always been looking for a girl whom he will have feelings for because he felt no such feelings with other girls. So, he spent these few years dating many girls to test if he could have feelings for any of them. However, it seems that he hasn't found any…"

Han Qiqing interrupted him to cut to the main point as she asked, "You said that he was looking for a girl. Is that girl someone whom he met before or is it just an ideal?"

"How would I know! That is not the main point, is it?" Song Shijun asked anxiously, his eyes nervously watching the door, afraid that Yin Shaojie had already found out that he was here.

Mu Xiaoxiao rubbed her chin, puzzled as she looked at him and asked, "Then, how did he know that he did not have feelings for any of those girls?"

Song Shijun replied, "Do you even need to ask? He doesn't even want to kiss those girls. Of course he had no feelings for them!"

Han Qiqing's eyes widened as she snapped her fingers and concluded, "So that means a girl whom he feels like kissing would be his soul mate?"

Song Shijun nodded and said, "You can say that!"

Han Qiqing released him, both hands clasping her face as she let out a long sigh and said, "How romantic! Who would have known that Yin Shaojie was such a fool for love?"

Suddenly, their impression of Yin Shaojie as a huge flirt had changed.

Mu Xiaoxiao stared blankly as she never thought about how that rascal, Yin Shaojie, had such a story behind his usual flirtatious self.

"That is true, right? Did you lie to us?"

Song Shijun raised three fingers, making a swearing gesture, and he said seriously, "I swear. If I lie, may heaven strike me and may I never be able to pick up girls for the rest of my life!"

The two finally believed him.

Mu Xiaoxiao was looking slightly blank.

Hearing such juicy inside story, she still needed some time to digest it.
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