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Yin Shaojie narrows his eyes; he didn't have to look back to know that there were many people who had come out and were peeping. When they heard that his wife was looking for him, all of them had been stunned. They were curious what this was all about.

At that moment, if he were to get close and intimate with Mu Xiaoxiao, wouldn't that affirm that Mu Xiaoxiao was his wife?

"No way in public. Even if you are not embarrassed, I still need to preserve face," he rejected.

Mu Xiaoxiao was incensed; this fellow was not listening to her.

With great dissatisfaction, she pouted her lips and grumbled, "Yin Shaojie, you have changed! You weren't like this in the past; whatever I asked you to do, you wouldn't reject me. Now just because of another girl, you don't care about me anymore? Fine, we have known each other for many years; yet, you are ending our relationship so flippantly?"

Previously, whatever she had wanted him to do, though he would always say he didn't wish to, he would still do it for her without her knowing.

So when she looked at him now and saw that he no longer cared about her feelings, she felt extremely disturbed; it was as though there was a stone weighing down her heart.

"I hate you!" Mu Xiaoxiao was so mad that her eyes welled up with tears. She turned around and wanted to leave.

Yin Shaojie heaved a sigh, grabbed her, and pulled her into his embrace. After hugging her tightly, he said helplessly, "Will this do? I really don't know what to do with you! What's the point with your prank? Later, I will still have to explain this to my girlfriend. It's frustrating, okay?"

Mu Xiaoxiao leaned into his embrace. A boy's embrace was very different from a female's embrace. It felt warm, and the chest was firm.

She lightly snorted, "You care so much about your girlfriend, huh? I am your fiancée. Can't you coax me a little?"

She actually hadn't done anything wrong. She was, after all, his wife. What was wrong with looking for him to have a chat or a hug?

"You obviously know that I hate explaining things the most. This is what vexes me!" Yin Shaojie retorted.

Mu Xiaoxiao looked up and chuckled. "You don't have to explain. I hear that you always change girlfriends; after a few days, it will no longer be this girl, so what's there to explain?"

Yin Shaojie lowered his head and pondered something as if he had been caught off guard by her comment, yet it was unclear what he was thinking.

Ruffling her hair and messing it, he said, "Alright, now that I have hugged you, you should go back to your class quickly. I shall look for you in the afternoon for lunch."

"No can do. I'm not going to have lunch with you. Today, I got to know a super hunk! Later, I shall look for him to have lunch together." Mu Xiaoxiao left his embrace as though she had finished making use of him and felt smug.

Yin Shaojie narrowed his eyes momentarily and asked, "A super hunk? Within the whole school, the most handsome one is already standing right in front of you, yet you are not going to eat with me but with another guy?"

"Oh… are you jealous?" Mu Xiaoxiao responded while smiling.

"What's there to be jealous about? I just feel like you have a problem with your taste." Yin Shaojie was obviously unhappy. Staring at her with his good-looking eyes, his mind was more absorbed with the super hunk she claimed to have met. Who could this person be?

Mu Xiaoxiao's gaze drifted to his back. She reaffirmed that the girl was indeed fuming. Feeling smug, she smiled widely, patted his chest, and purposely lifted his chin up with her finger. Grinning impishly, she added, "I won't accompany you in the afternoon; I will take you to ask tonight. I'm leaving! Bye!"

With that, she skipped away.
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