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Mu Xiaoxiao was feeling bored after class. She decided to look for Yin Shaojie to find out what kind of carefree life he was leading.

Upon reaching the Year Two school block, she didn't have to ponder it; she immediately searched for Class S.

Regarding what Yu Zhe had just said, she already knew.

Though she didn't know what Yin Shaojie's grades were, judging on how he had been fooling around with girls most of the time, his results couldn't be any good. However, the Yin family was an upper-class family and ultra rich. Needless to say, he would be in Class S.

Moreover, Yin Shaojie was such a prideful person; he wouldn't allow himself to be anything but be in the best class.

In a while, she managed to locate the Class Class Sroom. Just behind the door, she peered in and there indeed was that fellow, Yin Shaojie.

How detestable! He was actually embracing a girl and chatting away!

They were, after all, still engaged to each other. It should be normal to feel jealous, right?

Mu Xiaoxiao was trying to reason with herself. It wasn't as if her jealousy was due to liking Yin Shaojie. It was purely due to her current status as a fiancée that she felt jealous.

This fellow was simply atrocious. He obviously knew that it was her first day of class; being unfamiliar with the school compound and not knowing the things around, he still hadn't offered his help. He simply continued to woo girls.

This really infuriated her!

Mu Xiaoxiao gave him a wicked look and cunningly smiled: an eye for an eye, you shall see.

She retreated to the staircase, held up a guy with one hand, lightly smiled at him, and with her sweet little voice pleaded, "Hi pal, can you help me get Yin Shaojie from Class S? Just tell him that his wife is here to look for him. Please."

The boy was a bespectacled bookworm. Mesmerized, he foolishly nodded and said, "Oh sure, okay, I will go now."

Mu Xiaoxiao peeped from the corner of the wall and saw the bookworm enter the class and exclaim, "Yin Shaojie, your wife is looking for you!"

The originally noisy and chaotic classroom suddenly quietened down, and it was as if one could even hear a pin drop.

Mu Xiaoxiao could imagine the eye-popping look of the students; she covered her mouth, trying to control her laughter.

Within minutes, Yin Shaojie was seen walking over with an ashen expression.

Hiding behind the wall, she waved at him indicatively.

Yin Shaojie gave a 'I knew it was you' expression. He walked over and asked, "Mu Xiaoxiao, I know it is you. Are you here to find trouble?"

Mu Xiaoxiao jumped out behind the wall; though she was shorter, she raised her little chin up and retorted, "You are horrible Yin Shaojie. All you do is go after girls and never care about me. You just wait. Tonight, back at the Yin house, I will complain to Mama Yin!"

Both of her arms were around her chest; she wasn't fearful of him. The person who would be at a disadvantage was him.

Yin Shaojie sighed helplessly and said, "My dear lady, what do you want?"

Mu Xiaoxiao took a glance over his back. Indeed, the girl who he had been embracing just now had followed after him. She was walking in their direction.

She sniggered, laughed naughtily, and said to him, "You have made me angry; to appease me, you must listen to my instructions."

Yin Shaojie knew her well enough. Just by looking at her, he knew that this childish girl was up to no good.

"What do you want me to do?" With his single palm pressing onto the wall and the other hand in his pocket, he looked at her in a couldn't-care-less manner.

Looking at his stylish posture, Mu Xiaoxiao snorted.

"Very simple. Lunge forward now, hug me, and peck me on my face. Quickly!"
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