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Mu Xiaoxiao had a cynical expression on her face, the kind that showed total disbelief to what he had said.

The boy scratched his head, feeling embarrassed, and said, "Actually, Class S is either made up of students who are rich or those with excellent results. For the rest of the classes, they are the normal classes: A, B, C, D, and F, the worst and weakest class. There are also many gangsters there, so make sure not to go to F class in the future."

Mu Xiaoxiao was in awe, so this was the case!

She felt this boy was rather nice to have cautioned her about this. She decided to improve her attitude towards him. She smiled and asked, "Then you must be rich too? You don't look like one who has good grades."

The boy was a little embarrassed. In an attempt to regain his pride, he explained, "I am just not good with English. My Chinese is very good though!"

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't contain her laughter. "You are a man! What's there to be proud of about being good in Chinese?"

"Mu Xiaoxiao, I realize you have a nasty tongue; you're nothing like your looks, innocent and cute."

"You called this nasty tongue? You haven't met one who is really nasty."

"Oh, by the way, I am Yu Zhe. If you have an issue next time, you can always look for my help," Yu Zhe said as he patted his chest.

He looked rather pleasing to Mu Xiaoxiao. As she had been searching for good-looking boys from the podium, he had actually been one of them. She had never thought that he could be quite interesting. She decided to befriend him, as it wasn't a bad idea to have someone like him to run errands.

They had been looking down and chatting away, totally unaware that the teacher was getting angrier and angrier at the podium.

"New student, translate the next paragraph," the teacher suddenly said.

Mu Xiaoxiao wasn't at all aware that she was being called as she continued chatting with her head down until the girl seated across the aisle gave her a push.

"Mu Xiaoxiao, the teacher is calling you."

"Oh." Mu Xiaoxiao responded, raising her head and looking straight at the Teacher's fiery eyes, "Teacher, is there anything wrong?"

The teacher's face was an incredible sight, a moving hue of blue and purple; she seemed to be infuriated to a great extent.

"Mu Xiaoxiao! You will translate the second paragraph in the textbook!"

Shrugging her shoulders innocently, she said, "But teacher, I don't have the textbook."

"Borrow from your classmate!"

Obviously, the teacher was angry and wasn't going to be easy.

Yu Zhe looked at Mu Xiaoxiao, feeling a little sorry for her. He handed over his textbook to her again and said softly, "Just say whatever. She won't dare to do anything to you."

Mu Xiaoxiao smirked, lifting up the textbook and flipping to the specified chapter.

Fluent English sputtered from her mouth, one that had a hint of an American accent. It was completely different from the teacher's Chinese-styled English. It was so pleasant to the ears that the classmates were stunned.

"Teacher, are you referring to this paragraph? Then, the translation would be… "

After that, she did a perfect translation on the portion that she had just read.

Looking at her, the teacher was also dazed. Her face looked even more awful, as though being humiliated.

"Teacher, may I sit down?" Mu Xiaoxiao asked as she smiled.

"Okay, sit down," the teacher replied reluctantly, her face pale.

Yu Zhe looked at her with admiration and remarked, "Mu Xiaoxiao, you are really awesome! Why is your English so good? Your speaking is marvelous! One would think that you were a foreigner if one didn't look at you."

Blinking her eyes in a pretentious manner, Mu Xiaoxiao said, "Didn't I mention it to you? I came back from America, and I used to study in the best and prestigious American high school."

"Wow!" the students who were eavesdropping exclaimed in unison.
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