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Yu Zhe's blood boiled as he watched the video. After the girls had hit Mu Xiaoxiao once, they looked at each other, pleased, and continued their assault.

If he had not stepped in, they might have done it three or even four times!

"The truth is right in front of your eyes. What else do you have to say!" He turned the screen towards the girls in fury, putting it in the view of others at the same time to show that he had not slandered their reputations.

The girls paled and did not dare to speak.

"Apologize!" Yu Zhe roared.

The girls seemed reluctant and looked at each other. Frightened by Yu Zhe's attitude, one of them began to bow to apologize. "Sor-"

Suddenly, a girl stopped them. "You don't have to apologize! Why should you? So what if you hit her? She isn't under the protection of Young Master Jie anymore. Why should we continue to be scared of her?"

Even though Yu Zhe's background was quite formidable, it was to be expected. Which student could get into Class S if their background wasn't?

The girl who stopped them had a background similar to Yu Zhe's, so she was not afraid of him.

Also, she was glad to help these people punish Mu Xiaoxiao, for she had been harboring resentment towards her.

"But…" The girl who had tried to apologize was a little worried about the harsh words Mu Xiaoxiao had thrown out arrogantly and of Young Master Jie, who had expelled Han Xue'er because of Mu Xiaoxiao and even stood up for her in public by punishing the girls who had bullied her.

The girls' hearts were uneasy about how they had retaliated against Mu Xiaoxiao. What would become of them if what Mu Xiaoxiao had said was true and Young Master Jie really cherished her? They may very well be the next one to get expelled then.

It was a symbol of status to be able to study at Shangde High. If they were expelled, they would suffer at the hands of their families.

After Han Xue'er had been expelled, there were many who gloated over the fact in secret.

No wanted wanted to experience a fate like Han Xue'er's…

When the girls had used the ball to hit Mu Xiaoxiao, it was actually because they had seen her spacing out and wanted to use the chance to vent their resentment towards her. They had thought that no one would notice if they had pretended that it had been an accident since Mu Xiaoxiao looked like someone who could be bullied easily. Never had they expected that she would retaliate so strongly and cause the matter to blow up.

The girls glanced at each other, the same thoughts probably going through their minds then. They ignored the girl who stopped them and bowed together before Mu Xiaoxiao. "Sorry! It's all our fault. Please forgive us!"

They were now much more sincere after thinking about the possible threat of expulsion.

However, half of the people still didn't believe that Young Master Jie would look after Mu Xiaoxiao to such an extent. They felt that Mu Xiaoxiao's ego would only be inflated by the girls' apologies, so they continued to harbor feelings of resentment towards her.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt really dizzy and was in no mood to continue the dispute. She waved them away, signaling that the matter was over.

"Xiaoxiao, are you going to let it pass just like that?" Yu Zhe seemed reluctant to do so.

Mu Xiaoxiao sat down. It felt too uncomfortable standing up. Beckoning to Yu Zhe, she signaled to him to hand his phone to her.

Yu Zhe was baffled but did so.

Mu Xiaoxiao sent the video to her phone and edited it. She extracted the part where she was hit and looked like a pathetic joke before sending it to Yin Shaojie.

——Jie, look, I'm so pitiful. Please don't be angry anymore, okay?

She added a pitiable emoji that resembled being blasted into charcoal at the end of the message.
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