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Mu Xiaoxiao looked at the time and grimaced. Looking anxious, she said to Lu Yichen, "I'm sorry. I have to go."

She had been out for almost an hour. If she did not return soon, Yin Shaojie might realize that she had slipped away.

"Okay." Lu Yichen nodded and asked the waiter for the bill.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt awkward. "Why not… Let's go Dutch."

Lu Yichen gave the money to the waiter, and he laughed and said to her, "It's fine. How about this? I'll treat you time, and you'll treat me next time, alright?"

Mu Xiaoxiao nodded without hesitation. "Okay!"

Then, she thought. Next time, I'll treat him something good and definitely more expensive.

Lu Yichen suddenly thought of something. He looked at her and asked, "How about treating me to a movie? There's a film from America screening this weekend. It's something I've always wanted to watch. I don't know if you would be interested."

"That movie? I like it too! Okay then, I'll treat you to the movie!" Mu Xiaoxiao hastily replied. Then, she suddenly paused, and she recalled that he had a girlfriend.

She looked at him hesitantly. "Uh… Wouldn't it be inappropriate for the two of us to go watch a movie together?"

"What's wrong with that?" Lu Yichen asked her, seeming puzzled.

Mu Xiaoxiao laughed bitterly as she looked at him. "Don't you have a girlfriend? If she knew, she would be mad. Why not do this instead? I'll treat you, and you take your girlfriend to the movie. Would that be good?"

Lu Yichen paused for a moment, and he suddenly smiled.

Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't understand what his expression meant. Was he smiling in agreement or disagreement?

However, she was resolute. If he had a girlfriend, she definitely wouldn't accompany him to the movies alone. She had to avoid arousing suspicion.

Suddenly, Lu Yichen met her gaze and said unexpectedly, "Actually, I don't have a girlfriend."

"Ah?" Mu Xiaoxiao was dazed.

Lu Yichen had a faint smile. "I said that I have no girlfriend, so you can still take me to the movie."

"But… No… Your… You don't have a girlfriend? That can't be! Don't you have a girlfriend?" Mu Xiaoxiao could not comprehend what he had said.

If she had heard from just a single person, it could very well be false. But not only Yu Zhe, Yin Shaojie had also said that he had a girlfriend!

She did not have to believe Yu Zhe.

But even if Yin Shaojie might be bossy and petty sometimes, she still believed his words.

Lu Yichen touched his nose looking slightly embarrassed as he said, "I lied about having a girlfriend."

Mu Xiaoxiao was stunned. Who would have thought!

She immediately thought about something related and cried in surprise, "Could it be… that you used it as an excuse to reject the girls who confess to you? Then as time passed, everyone began to think that you really had a girlfriend?"

No wonder!

They said that his girlfriend was mysterious and that no one had ever seen her or knew which school she went to.

As it turns out, his girlfriend never existed!

Lu Yichen signaled her to keep quiet. His handsome face looked serious, and he said, "No one else knows about this. You have to keep it a secret, alright?"

"Uh, okay." Mu Xiaoxiao nodded with a blank expression as she had yet to recover from the sudden revelation.

Lu Yichen looked at her odd expression, and he narrowed his eyes and asked, "You look like you are… disappointed?"
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