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"How do you know Xiaoxiao?" she asked. Her gaze was fixated on Lu Yichen as though it wouldn't budge.

Even Mu Xiaoxiao, who was usually dense, could feel the heat in her gaze.

However, she was inevitably curious. Did Han Qiqing like Lu Yichen?

She tugged at Han Qiqing and lowered her head. Leaning into her ear, she said, "Can you exercise some restraint with that gaze? You're being too obvious!"

"Xiaoxiao, hurry up and tell me! What's up with you and Lu Yichen? Why are you sitting together and drinking? Could it be that… You're on a date?"

Han Qiqing suddenly thought of this possibility and looked at Mu Xiaoxiao brokenheartedly.

"Of course not! Don't spout nonsense." Feeling that the atmosphere was a little awkward, she hurried said, "Little Qing, you should go first; I'll explain next time. Stop causing trouble here."

Han Qiqing was unwillingly pushed to a standing position by her. She pouted and said, "Alright then… I'll be going first. I'll call you at night."

"Yeah, bye bye!" Mu Xiaoxiao waved to her with a sweet smile on her face.

She only let out a sigh of relief when Han Qiqing left.

"Sorry about that…" She gave Lu Yichen an apologetic look.

Lu Yichen shook his head and smiled. "It's okay. It seems like my guess was right."

"Ah?" Mu Xiaoxiao was a little confused. Han Qiqing's sudden appearance had muddled her brain, and she couldn't follow what he was saying.

"You and Yin Shaojie have been friends for very long, right? Childhood friends?" he said faintly while looking into her eyes.

Mu Xiaoxiao was a little stunned and thought that since he had already guessed it, there wasn't anything to hide anymore. "Yeah!" She nodded.

"As expected. I guessed it a long time ago," Lu Yichen said mildly, his voice a little heavy. His eyes looked like it held some sort of emotion, which Mu Xiaoxiao couldn't read.

Mu Xiaoxiao felt that the atmosphere was weird and was suddenly at a loss for words.

She then remembered that Yin Shaojie had mentioned that they had beef. What was that conflict about?

Would Lu Yichen see her differently now that he knew that she was on good terms with Yin Shaojie?

Lu Yichen studied her before saying suddenly, "When you were crying outside the principal's office that time, was it because you had fought with Yin Shaojie? Was it over the rehiring of the security guard?"

Mu Xiaoxiao was a little surprised by his accurate guess, but she still nodded. "Yeah."

"Last question."

Mu Xiaoxiao lifted her head and looked into his eyes. His gaze felt unfathomable, and it was as though it could see through her.

"What's the question?" she asked.

Lu Yichen said, "You aren't dating, are you? Did he say those words because he wanted to stand up for you?"

Those words?

He should be referring to Yin Shaojie announcing that she was his wife.

Feeling that there was nothing wrong with his sentence, Mu Xiaoxiao continued to nod her head. "Yeah, that is what happened."

There was probably no need to tell him about her engagement with Yin Shaojie, right? No one would know about it anyway, and they didn't have to announce it publicly. The marriage might even be dissolved after a while.

Lu Yichen's eyes smiled. "Okay, I'm done with my interrogation."

He seemed to know what she was thinking and reassured her, "Relax; I won't drop you as a friend because of your relationship with him. We're still friends."

Upon hearing this, Mu Xiaoxiao then smiled again. "I knew you wouldn't."

Unlike that jerk, Yin Shaojie, who was so narrow-minded!

"Achoo!" At home, Yin Shaojie sneezed.
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