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Suddenly, the scattered stars started to concentrate together.

The stars glimmered and gathered into a round radiant object in front of Ye Qingtang.

"Hellow, lucky explorer, I'm the God of Nature. This place is an illusion formed from my soul." A voice arose from the radiant object. It kept changing its shape but did not reach a final state.

"God of Nature?" Ye Qingtang stared at the radiant object, and a trace of surprise flashed across her eyes.

The God of Nature was an ancient God. There was very little information about those ancient gods. Only some clues were left on the second domain.

According to the legend, the God of Nature could build all kinds of worlds. However, the legends were ancient as well. No one knew about the details.


Ye Qingtang met the remnants of the God of Nature and the soul in the mystic realm in the illusion.

The little white tiger was carried in Ye Qingtang's arms. It squinted its eyes as it stared at the radiant object. Though the object did not have a concrete shape, the illusion was filled with majestic power. The compelling power seemed to make it difficult to breathe for anyone.

The radiant object did not speak anymore. It changed its form constantly, and the radiance shrank and enlarged accordingly.

In the next second, the constellations behind the radiant object seemed to change. The concentrated nebula suddenly spread out, and a few constellations among the thousands showed dreamlike colors, glimmering at the same time.

Those constellations moved closer and shined in the black sky.

"Everything in nature produces different phenomenons. Lucky explorer, each of the ten constellations in front of you represents a world. You can choose to enter any world in the universe freely for cultivation. This is the reward I give to explorers." The voice came out of the radiant object again. The ten vastly different constellations floated behind it.

All worlds in the universe…

Ye Qingtang was taken aback by the ten constellations.

She had entered many mystic realms before, but she had never encountered a situation like this.

"All the worlds in the universe contain countless variations. Once you enter one of them, even the sun and the moon can be changed. The constellations in front of you are all different. From the first to the tenth, the effect of cultivation will increase exponentially." As the radiant object drifted, the constellations on the left side shimmered.

Ye Qingtang looked towards the constellations. The higher the level of the constellation, the larger the area. The ones on the right side seemed to be boundless, and their radiance was as bright as the sun.

"I can choose freely?" Ye Qingtang tried to suppress the shock within her and asked slowly.

It was rare for people to enter the illusions, and there was almost no clue to the mystic realm. However, there was one thing for sure.

Anyone who entered the illusion and came out alive had their power increased exponentially.

"That's right." The radiant object replied to Ye Qingtang's question.

"You can choose to enter any of the constellations and cultivate. You are the first one who entered here in the past thousands of years. I can give you some clues as I was alone all this time…"

Ye Qingtang felt relieved when she heard that there might be some clues.

It seemed like the God of Nature was quite kind.

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