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Lady Boss, Please Spoil Your Husband! 303 Chapter 303: Yang Nina

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"Grandpa, I feel much better now, really. You don't have to check up on my condition every minute." Yang Nina coaxed her grandfather, the notorious Dark Doctor, Grandmaster Yang.

One more of her grandfather's panicking over her and she'll jump from the fourth floor window where the clinic she was currently confined in was located.

Probability of broken legs be d*mned.

"Whoever did this to you deserves a permanent residence in my laboratory. How dare that imbecile attempt to sabotage your entry."

Yang Nina sighed, used to her grandfather's deranged tendencies to threaten anyone he loathe to be his lab rat.

However, she's completely unaware of how those threats held promise and that the depths of her doting grandfather's craziness goes beyond her dark, nightmarish imaginations.

"About those people who saved me, does grandpa know where they are so that I can thank them properly?" Yang Nina raised an eyebrow at her grandfather's scoff and visible look of disdain.

Apparently, considering that flippant attitude, it told her that whoever saved her were not on her grandfather's list of people he tolerates.

"Why bother? I already went on and handsomely compensate them; it's more than enough to show gratitude."

As someone who has an unhealthy dose of pride and arrogance, Grandmaster Yang hates being indebted to anyone, especially to his rival's disciples or any of his associates.

In his opinion, giving those brats points was equivalent to an emperor bowing his head to commoners; it's degrading for someone of his status.

But, Yang Nina wasn't like her grandfather or that unscrupulous cousin of hers, Yang Hui.

Yang Nina's father, Grandmaster Yang's third son, left his family to seek out his own fortune. In the long run, he met Yang Nina's mother and lived with her and her family until today.

Only when there's family gatherings, that's the only time Yang Nina get to see her paternal grandfather.

So, unlike some of her cousins, Yang Nina wasn't exposed too much with Grandmaster Yang's ideologies.

Among her siblings and cousins, Yang Nina was the only one who showed interest in martial arts, and proved to be a prodigy.

It was because of this that her family indulged her with training and was highly recognized by her grandfather.

And since her grandfather was one of the Grandmasters in the country's most elite school for martial arts, it was only natural that she was urged to enter Soaring Dragon.

There were no foul plays or underhanded means used in her enrollment process—which was surprising considering who her grandfather was.

The Academy's extremely strict with their rules and policies. Not even a Grandmaster have the power to bend it.

Besides, an insider's interference is useless to Yang Nina when she had the capabilities to enter without a sweat.

Well, that's what she believed until she was betrayed by her now ex-best friend.

If it was not because of Yang Nina, that traitor wouldn't have dreamed to even be qualified to take the entrance exams.

That snake has no talent, nor intelligence to make up for it. Yang Nina wanted to pull her hair in aggravation for being deceived by her fake kindness.

She grew up with her, she became her sword and shield. Her family helped hers when in times of need. She helped her study, train and everything for her to take the entrance exams.

And what did she received in the end?

A metaphorical stab in the back and a literal snake bite.

Oh the irony.

She felt no ounce for pity. Whatever karma life throws at her, Yang Nina hopes it's terrible.

She can be a saint to those who regards her with kindness, and a devil to those who takes advantage of her kindness.

That wickedness must be from her grandfather's genes taking over.

"Come on, grandpa. A simple thank you would not cost me of anything." Yang Nina persist. "I would've been dead if it weren't for them. Moreover, it would not settle well in my conscience if it wasn't me who shows gratitude."

"There are proctors everywhere in the forest, concealed within the shadows." Grandmaster Yang divulged. "You would not have passed the exam, is the right answer.

Now that he thinks about it, those brats should've just casted his granddaughter off instead of being indebted for saving her.

He paid for it by having his pride blown up by Wei's brats. His granddaughter could've tried again next year.

"They didn't even know who I was." Seems like he underestimated his granddaughter's determination. "And, according to what I learned of human nature, they're not compelled to aid anyone, yet they still went the trouble for me."

"Fine, do what you want, stubborn child." Grandmaster Yang sighed, conceding. "Two of them are Sun students that goes by the names of Han Taiyi and Chu Lizheng. Their classrooms are of no knowledge to me, but you can go ahead and ask around within the third floor."

Surprising, even to himself, that he hadn't yet forgotten those two Sun Students' names.

Saying the next part was the most irking, "As for the rest...you'll find them at the Gentle Tempest Courtyard." He clicked his tongue, vexed that his granddaughter would go to his rival's den just so she could thank his brats.

"Two are Grand Disciples, Life and Death, the brats of Wei Wangyu...a Grandmaster like myself." It's as if he ate something foul when his face twisted in disgust. "The last one, I did not got the name of, I heard was that girl, Shengming's husband."

"Grand Disciples?!" Yang Nina's flails, eyes widening and mouth gaping in disbelief. "Grandpa...you're saying that...two Grand Disciples aid a nobody enrollee like me?"

"Dear granddaughter of mine, you are not to regard yourself so inferiorly, especially to that Wei's brats." Grandmaster Yang harrumphed, folding his arms then scolded her. "You are to not bow your head to anyone, especially to those brats and their detestable master."

Yang Nina learned the smart way to not let this prolong was to absentmindedly nod at an appropriate time to whatever her grandfather was spouting just so he would end his rattling and finally let her go.

"Don't stay too long," He said lastly, concluding his seemingly unending sermon. "Heavens knows what kind of plot that old loon would come up with just to snide me."

"I'll keep in mind." Yang Nina jumped off the bed, almost stumbling when the pain struck her right leg in result to the pressure she accidentally deposits.

Fortunately, her grandfather turned his back for a moment to not notice her short discomfort, or else, he'll never let her leave.

"See you later, grandpa!"

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