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Lady Boss, Please Spoil Your Husband! 302 Chapter 302: Thank You, Husband

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"As expected of Grand Disciple Life, she wouldn't choose just about anyone to be her husband."

"He may be lacking in the aesthetic department, but he surely is skilled and diligent."

"Our Grand Disciple Life surely have a pair of keen eyes. Who would have guessed that a seemingly normal looking rock turned out to be a precious stone."

"Outside appearance alone would not measure a person's value."

"I will follow Grand Disciple Life's example and would not base on a person's looks!"

Ethan wasn't sure if he should feel happy or offended right now. Surely enough, these people don't know that they beat the sense of the word "whispering" if the subject himself can hear them clearly.

Tuning them out, he proceed to snip the stem of the ripe tomato from its plant and placed it together with the other vegetables he picked from the garden.

In accordance with Grandmaster Wei's words earlier, the compound was now bustling with students and teachers alike. They tidied up the flooded garden then turned it back to its former, pristine beauty.

The fished in the pond all jumped and swam happily as some students sprinkled their food on the surface.

Hauling the basket of fruits and herbs on his back with a heave-ho, Ethan went back inside the main hall's kitchen.

The scrumptious aroma of cooked meat seasoned with different kinds of herbs and spices hung in the air.

Anyone who took a whiff of it cannot resist to hold their drool from dripping and stop their bellies from begging.

If Ethan was any lesser, he would've made a fool of himself for that. Fortunately for him, his wife was also an amazing cook, so it doesn't affected him that greatly.

"Hm? It appears something must have held you up for you to only return just now." Grandmaster Wei chided without any bite, not leaving his attention from the meat he's frying on the wok.

Death was by the table—unusually quiet with a rather notable bump on his forehead—kneading a dough and stretching them into noodles.

It wouldn't take a genius for anyone to figure how he got that eye-catchy bump.

Ethan even had the front row seat and witnessed how Grandmaster Wei destroyed Death's door completely with a single kick, and dragged said albino out of his room.

He guessed that Death probably didn't wanted to help Grandmaster Wei cook breakfast and fussed like the overgrown child he is, earning him a wack on the head for it.

"Apologies, Grandmaster. I lost track of time with picking the ripe vegetables."

"Go on and wash them thoroughly first. Then, dice the tomatoes and slice the cucumbers into long strips. As for the herbs, grab the mortal and pestle and pound them into paste."

Ethan wordlessly obliged and went on with his instructions.

"Master, good morning." Lillie greeted as she walked inside. She's wearing her old uniform and her face completely covered with her disguise. "I would like to offer my assistance as well."

"Aiyo, good morning, Xiao Ming [1]." The venerated and stern Grandmaster suddenly transformed into a doting grandmaster in less than a second as soon as Lillie entered. "You need not to bother yourself, I have plenty enough help as it is. Isn't that right, boys?"

Ethan and Death were quick to back up the master's statement.

"Is that so? Is master certain there aren't anything else this disciple could be of use?" Lillie insisted.

"Ay, well..." Grandmaster Wei racked his brain for something his precious second disciple could do without straining herself.

"Oh! I remember there are some books the Headmaster wanted to lend me. Would you like to fetch them for me instead? It'll also be a perfect opportunity for you to say hello."

"Of course, master. I was actually planning to pay him a visit later today."

"He'll be happy to see you again, no doubt. At this time, he should be in his office already. Be back before breakfast, alright? I made your favorite."

Lillie briefly bowed her head, "I'll be off then."

But before leaving, she treaded towards Ethan and gave him his morning kiss—which was just a peck on the cheek because Grandmaster Wei had his eyes on them like a hawk.

"Thank you...for your hard work, husband." The real meaning behind her gratitude couldn't be anymore clear to him.

Ethan's heart wanted to burst out.

Husband...she called him husband. Ahh...what a lovely sound it was. Though this was not the first time she called him that, it still held an impact.

"I'll be back before you know it."

His wife's smile was so sweet and blinding that Ethan feared he might have cavities and his eyes would melt.

Both kiss and smile was worth the retribution he received from an obviously jealous-looking Grandmaster Wei as soon as his wife left the premises.

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