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"Hello, everyone! Before reading this chapter, I want to thank you all for following and supporting this novel! I dedicated this chapter to all of you! Thank you for your votes, gifts, and love! Too many to mentions, thank you once again! Bless us all and stay well dearests!" -- Author E.E.

* * *

Tears stream down her cheeks. A heart filled with joy, Cassandra kisses Quinn lovingly. 

"Is this true?" she wants to assure she is not dreaming.

"Yes, but we have to tell your parents' the reason I want to talk to them."

"All right, Quinn! I was too happy! I wish this time I will raise our child with my own hands." Tears keep streaming her eyes. "Our daughter grew up without us, especially a mother. This time, I want to accompany our child, Quinn. Together!"

"Yes. This time, we won't allow our children to separate from us," Quinn stated. Cassie peered at him with a question in her eyes. He beamed and placed a kiss on her nose. "Another thing you need to know."

"Hm? What is it?" It excites her to learn another good news. "Did Madison get pregnant as well?"

Quinn's laughs echoed throughout the entire bedroom, which made her confused. "I'm wrong, then?" she mumbles.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think Levi could score knowing our daughter. Besides, I know he is slow regarding that…" Quinn pursues a silly smile in his mouth.

"Hey! Look who's boastful now, huh?" Cassie pinches Quinn on his hip.

"I do! However, I am truly sorry for your parents. I did not hold my promise—" Quinn leaned and whispered. "Not to touch you."

She blushes and pinches his other side. Quinn laughs once again.

"But you are the best thing that ever happens to me. Our past has been such a mess. Hoping we can fix what it needs in the present. All I wanted is a fulfilling life with you."

"Quinn..." Cassandra puts her arms around his neck and grabs him to give a kiss. That was her prayer, too.

She doesn't care anymore if Carlisle and Klein are now one, or she is Marivella and Hwa-Young altogether. What she cares about is to be with Quinn until she grows old, witnessing their children have their children that would call her grandma and Quinn to call Grandpa.

Cassandra pulled her lips from Quinn to snicker. 

"Hm? What is it?" Quinn wondered, noticing Cassandra's shoulder shaking from laughing. "Hey, are you laughing at my kisses now?"

"No… I'm sorry... It was just exciting."

"Which is exciting? Is it my kisses or?" asked Quinn. His fingers trailed down her legs.

Cassandra's eyes burned as how much Quinn peered at her with desire. But her silly thoughts overwhelm her to make her laugh hard. She told Quinn of what she imagines, and it really made him astounded, though he loves the thought.

"You silly, Missy. What punishment should I give you?"

"Stop it, grandpa!" she giggles when Quinn runs his fingers to tickle her on the back.

"I love you..." afterward, Quinn mutters in her left ear. He nibbles it, and Cassandra closes her eyes. Fire lit up inside her when Quinn's kisses traveled down her neck and placed a bite.

"Quinn..." She breathes. Quinn covers her mouth while both of his hands, rubbing her thighs. Cassandra was crouching on his lap, and the heat of their bodies flared out.

"Wait, Quinn... my parents are coming, right? Let us calm down right now." She reminds Quinn, catching her breath, and she could see the hunger in Quinn's eyes.

He heaves a deep sigh and releases them. "All right. It wasn't good if I cannot control myself now." he planted a kiss on Cassandra's forehead, holding her tight inside his arms.

He was afraid that in another blink of an eye, she would disappear once again.

"Quinn..." Cassandra wipes the tears running from Quinn's eyes.

"I don't want you to leave me again," he pleaded.

"But I never leave you? I was just going back to our old life," she tried to comfort him.

"But don't you remember me once you switch bodies." His eyes are full of pain and sadness. Cassandra leans over and kisses them.

"Hmm... But I remember you wherever I go, even if that life does not exist anymore, you are always in my heart," she told Quinn.

It comforts him, but he won't waste another second of their life.

"Let's get married."

"Hm? I am underage, remember, Mister?"

"I want us to get married through a Soul Binding ritual. Maybe it's time for us to get married once again by a shaman?"

"Hm? Do you know where to find?"

"We have them here, in this house."

"Oh. Really?" Cassandra's eyes gleam, hearing this news.

"You won't believe who they are. It surprised me."

"Don't thrill me, please!" Cassandra bites Quinn's lower lip. Before she pulled her face away, Quinn holds it and places a long kiss.

"You silly… stops teasing me. Anyway, it was Uncle Jong and Auntie Ling."

"Is that true!?" it surprises her to hear this.

Quinn nods. "One other reason I want to talk with your parents. I need their permission."

"Oh, Quinn! I can't believe it!"

"I can't believe it, either." Another kiss they shared while Cassandra played with his hair at his nape. "That tickles, you know that?" he whispers.

Cassandra giggled. She was caressing his bare nape with her fingernails, peering at him seductively. He cannot believe how temptress she was at the moment. Helplessly, Quinn sighed. He had promised to control himself, but a part of his body was excitedly reacting as her fingernails created an electrifying tiny voltage transiting throughout his body.

"Stop, please..." he begged. He was in a daze from controlling himself not to throw her on the bed and tore their clothes off. But Cassandra bites his earlobe. "Do you know what you are doing?"

Cassandra giggled as she uttered. "I'm seducing you..." her breath is warm, and her voice is playful. He is just a man who happens head over heels to this girl.

"You dare to tempt me, future Mrs. Williams?"

Quinn stood on his feet, carrying Cassandra in his arms. He brought her toward the wardrobe and closed it. He places her on top of the dresser, kissing intensely while his hands occupied undressing her. He doesn't hold back as Cassandra responds to his kisses with her hands pulling off his shirt up to his head.

He lowers his head, reaching for her nipples to taunt them... an early sign that they began changing as her body prepares for the life soon to grow inside her.

"Quinn!" she cried as he bites them and Quinn's hand, pulling off her lower undies.

He grabs her legs, spreading them and one he places around his hip and last, his fingers playing blissfully between her thighs.

"Quinn..." Cassandra gritted her teeth. Unbearable excitement flooded deep within her when lustful desires overwhelmed her completely.

Now, as she was ready, Quinn unbuttons his pants and lowers the zipper. Finally, his aching buddy has freed up. Cassandra lovingly met his gaze as he gently penetrated her inside. She bit her lower lip as she felt his fullness and Quinn slowly thrusting inside her... it was warm, enticing him to go deeper.

Her palm, tightly holding on the dresser, her heels pressing Quinn's ass as he now speeds up his pace. "Uh... Quinn..."

Sighs and cry playing feverishly inside that closet. Cassandra throws her arms around Quinn's neck, pulling him close as he rapidly thrusts into her insides. She arches her body and tightens her legs around Quinn's hip.

"Cassandra..." he quiets her down as she's screaming his name.

"Hmm..." They could feel when they're reaching the height of pleasure and about to break out.

"I'm coming..." he warned her, and Cassandra nodded. He felt her body shudder from the heavenly sensation they just shared…

Together, they savor the sweetness of their love, panting, Cassandra rested her head into Quinn's sweaty chest.

This time, they will fight together. 'I will fight for us, Carlisle…'

Cassandra reaches Quinn's face and kisses him lovingly.

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