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Su Bin is now fuming with rage and jealousy inside. He opened his mouth, wanting to talk when he heard Yu Mei say, "What else? Uhm, she's a low-key person and doesn't want to be the center of attention. So, if you really want to date her, I suggest, don't be too extravagant. Just keep it simple, she'll appreciate it more."

Guan Ning and Su Bin both looked at each other with baffled faces, asking, 'Isn't that what most women wants?'

Yu Mei laughed looking at them. "Yang seems to be distant and cold towards others, especially men, at first but, once you get to know her more, she's a nice and jolly person. She may looked strong on the outside but, once you get to know her well, you'll know how soft and pure her heart is." She seriously said. Then she added, "And as what I've told you, be true to her. She's a sister to me."

Yu Mei's face fell as she said this that made Guan Ning frowned.

"Is my reputation really that bad?"

"I knew all of your scandals," she narrowed her eyes at him.

"…and I wonder to whom did you learned all of it?" he looked at Su Bin while saying this and the latter choked on his food as he heard it. "Tell me more about her."

Yu Mei wrinkled her nose, rejecting to what he said. "I think that'll be all. You have to discover the rest yourself."

Guan Ning exasperatedly and disappointingly accepted his fate. Well, she's right. Where's the fun in pursuing Liu Yang if he knew everything about her.

"But I have a bad news for you." Yu Mei announced after his silence. She continued, "I can't assure you that Yang will be going on the blind date."

"What?! Why?" the two of them both said at the same time and Yu Mei almost went deaf as they shouted. Guan Ning held his breath listening to what she's going to say next.

"The thing is, Yang rarely go on a date unless we told her to or if she feels like it. She…" Yu Mei took a deep breath, finding words to describe the situation, before continuing, "…she is somewhat anti-social. She hates big crowds and easily gets anxious, not unless we're with her. So…"

As this said, Guan Ning's shoulders went limp, and slumped his body on the chair, feeling dejected. "But you can make her say yes, right?" Su Bin asked while tucking Yu Mei's hair to her ear and looking at her lovingly.

This gesture made Guan Ning want to throw up all the food he ate that day. They are really doing it on purpose! You'll regret it one day!

"I'm not sure," Yu Mei quietly said that snapped Guan Ning out of his miseries. "I'll try to convince her, don't worry."

"Good." The couple heard his dead panned tone and turned their heads his way.

The dinner ended with the three of them exiting the room one at a time peacefully. To ensure that their faces will not be on the morning papers the next day, they let Yu Mei exit the private room first, leaving the men behind.

Inside the car, on the way home, Su Bin once again got curious about what's running inside of Guan Ning's head.

"Bro, are you really sure about pursuing Liu Yang? Are you really willing to forget Min Chu this time, for real?" he really couldn't believe everything he's seeing and hearing from his cousin right now.

"Do I have to tell you everything that I wanted to do?" Guan Ning said without even looking at him.

"I just could not believe you right now. I mean, you've been head over heels for Min Chu almost half of your life. And I know you've been diverting your feelings by sleeping with different girls…but…you haven't forget even an inch about her."

"I just think this is only the right thing to do."

Su Bin laughed lightly at how their conversation instantly turned serious. "It is the right thing, alright. Just don't hurt someone on the process or worse hurt yourself."

Silence followed. Guan Ning is in deep thought as he stared at the road up ahead. The car stopped in front of a bungalow house, then Su Bin gets out of his car and waved him goodbye.

He returned home thinking about what Su Bin had said earlier that night.
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