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Su Bin served as an audience. No matter how hard he tried to stop the two, they didn't listen to him and continued their showdown.

Then he heard Guan Ning say, "I bet you know the saying, 'Birds of a feather, flock together'?" looking at her knotted forehead, he continued, "How can you trust someone like Su Bin that so easily? Don't you know that he used to date women…hmm!"

"Hey!" Su Bin interjected, even kicking his feet underneath the table that made Guan Ning grunt in pain and surprise. "Babe, let Liu Yang go to that blind date. It's just for a night."

Su Bin immediately shut his mouth as he saw Yu Mei gave him a side menacing glare. He opened his mouth but no words came out of his it; afraid of his girlfriend's wrath.

"Su Bin is right, it's just one night! What are you so afraid of?" Guan Ning is now frustrated but curious at the same time. "But really, I'm willing to pursue her."

Yu Mei put the chopsticks down and crossed her arms on her chest, looking at Guan Ning with doubt in her eyes. The moment she laid her eyes on this guy, only one word came in mind – trouble!

"Ms. Yu, I came to meet with you tonight because I want you to see how serious I am with your friend," he said seriously and looked at her straight in the eyes. Guan Ning looked dignified saying those words. Su Bin was amazed and wanted to kowtow in front of him.

The woman in front of him narrowed her eyes. "Tell me how the you two met. Every detail of it." Her tone is overbearing.

Exasperated, Guan Ning didn't have much choice. He told everything about what happened in the bookstore that day. After his story-telling, Yu Mei couldn't help it and burst out into a fit of laughter while clapping her hands. She really was impressed by Liu Yang's guts. She really had no idea that the man who tried to flirt with her would be her future boss!

When he saw that Su Bin followed suit, Guan Ning felt humiliated. These two!

"I just wanted to say sorry on her behalf," Yu Mei said after laughing hysterically. "She doesn't pay attention to anyone in our circle, take note of that."

"Are you gonna allow me to date her?" he asked with interest, his eyes started to glow.

"Fine…with one condition."

"What is it?"

"Don't make any advances on her. If I ever knew that you did something to her on the night of your so-called date, I swear…"

"I won't, I promise," Guan Ning promised with his right hand raised. He wanted to ask why, but Yu Mei's expression told him not to. He really wondered why she was so overprotective of her. Or was she overreacting?

"She never goes on a date," Yu Mei looked down and her face fell after saying it.

It caught Su Bin and Guan Ning's eyes that made them both confused. "Babe, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Yu Mei forced a smile. "Nothing." Then she looked up Guan Ning and said, "I'll convince her to go on a blind date with you. If really are serious with her and wanted to pursue her, don't ever hurt and betray her, and please be patient with her. She's like a sister to me."

Guan Ning put on his dazzling smile, the tension between them vanished in an instant as Yu Mei gave her most sincere smile back at him. Su Bin sighed on the side after watching the seen in front of him.

"Tell me everything about her."

"I thought you've 'investigated' everything about her?" Yu Mei asked with raised brows, her eyes shifted between the two men.

Su Bin shrugged and answered, "Well, we did. I think Guan wants to know trivial things about her. Am I right?"

"Everything about her is significant." Guan Ning nonchalantly said while eating.

Yu Mei's brows raise a bit higher. He's trying to impress her, isn't he? She laughed and shook her head.

"Hmm, how should I start?" she put her hand on her chin, thinking. "Ah! Yang loves coffee, so much! It's what keeps her sane and functional everyday. She also loves books, that's a given though." She paused for a moment, trying to remember things about Liu Yang.

Guan Ning stared at her with interest that made Su Bin a little bit suspicious so, he nudged his feet underneath and glared at him. But the former ignored him and continued to listen to Yu Mei.
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