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Thursday came by unknowingly. Guan Ning was busy sorting some files about the future projects and collaborations of the company when the door to his study opened. He looked up and saw Su Bin in a pink shirt with a blazer over it. He frowned and glanced at the clock on the table and noticed it was almost seven in the evening.

He leaned on the chair. "I'm sorry I forgot about the time," he said with his eyes closed.

On the couch opposite to his desk, Su Bin casually lit up a cigarette. "It's okay. It's not even time yet. She'll call when she arrived at the restaurant."

"What are you doing here, anyway? Aren't you going to go together and call me instead?"

Su Bin puffed off a smoke before answering, "We never go over to a place together. For safety purposes." He looked at him and found it hard how to explain their situation so he finally said, "I think you already know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know," Guan Ning got up, "I'll go take a shower now. We must not keep a girl waiting."

After taking a shower, the two of them decided to head to the restaurant without waiting for Yu Mei's call since they felt bored staying at Guan Ning's house. Su Bin was the one who booked for a private room in the restaurant using a different name, he lead the way informing Yu Mei of their arrival on the side. The two of them waited while sipping tea and talking about company matters.

Their conversation halted when the door of the room opened and a beautiful young lady entered. Su Bin immediately stood form his seat and kissed her cheeks, making Guan Ning roll his eyes and almost throw the cup of steaming hot tea at him. 'What a show off!'

"I reckoned this is the infamous Second Young Master Niu," Yu Mei held her hand out to him which Guan Ning gladly accepted with delight.

It was the first time seeing Su Bin's girlfriend in person. There aren't any news about her on television or magazines in contrast with his brother. How is that so? She's the only daughter of a prestigious family in the city, her name should be known by everyone, right? Even he, who had been away for over a decade is known by some, how come?

"You must be Young Miss Yu…but infamous? Me?" he chuckled at the way she addressed him.

"Your name is really a hot topic in the circle as of the moment," Yu Mei retorted.

Noticing the tension between the two, Su Bin cleared his throat and tried to break the ice. "Why don't we all take our seats and order food."

"Sure," Guan Ning said with no emotion and takes a seat first.

Su Bin held Yu Mei by her waist and pulled the chair for her right next to him. He even poured tea and gave it to the latter. Guan Ning saw all of this and scoffed inwardly.

What even irritated Guan Ning's eyes is that, the moment the food they ordered came, Su Bin began serving Yu Mei like a baby, even calling her 'Babe' or 'Baby'. What?! Babe?! Baby?! Are they ignoring him on purpose? His hands twitched at the sight, wanting him to flip the table for them to stop.

Guan Ning coughed loudly that made them looked at him in shock. "Guan, are you okay?" Su Bin immediately passed a glass of water. He snatched it from his hand and took big gulps while glaring at his cousin. 'This idiot!'

After quenching his 'parched' throat, Guan Ning started a conversation with Yu Mei.

"So, about your friend…"

"What about her?" Yu Mei replied without even waiting for him to finish his sentence.

Guan Ning chuckled. "I see that you're overprotective with your friend. I'm serious about Liu Yang."

She looked at him straight in the eyes with a smirk. "Better said than done, Mr. Niu."

The man across laughed hysterically. Su Bin tried to stop the two of them but to no avail.

"Ms. Yu, how can you be so sure?" his voice indicates a challenging tone.

"For someone who changes his girlfriend like changing clothes, how can I not be?" Yu Mei fired back.
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