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Greenland Village

Clothes were strewn everywhere – on the floor, chair, and on the bed. Guan Ning is rummaging through his wardrobe, finding a suitable outfit for the night. He never got the chance to shop for clothes when he came home. Well, it's not like he likes shopping, it's just that he didn't really wanted to go.

In the middle of his dilemma, he abruptly stop and chuckled. "What the fuck am I doing? It's not like she's going to appreciate me or something. You're an idiot for thinking so!"

He angrily threw the shirt in his hand on the floor. In the end, he simply decided to wear a rose gold V-necked shirt and black pants coupled with leather shoes and a watch on his wrist. His neatly combed hair earlier that day, is now back to its natural unruly state.

Despite the simplicity of his get up — though his clothes' brands were not that simple, to other people's perspective, especially to women, he still looked dashing and handsome.

Guan Ning drove his McLaren towards Yinyang Publishing at 6:30, and after twenty minutes, he arrived. He took his phone out to give Min Chu a call when a not so familiar petite figure caught his eyes. It's her!


Liu Yang entered the elevator with her head and back aching. She massaged her right shoulder, trying to ease the ache.

Today is rather tiring. She only had two meetings but both lasted for at least half of the day. The moment she stepped into the publishing, piles of work greeted her.

She even had to have an over time. Well, all of them did because of the dedaline Ms. Min gave them.

Liu Yang sighed as she stepped out of the elevator. 'This is only the beginning.'

She waited for Wan Li outside the building. Her legs were starting to get numb but Wan Li and his car is nowhere to be seen.

"What's taking him so long?"

Another 3 minutes passed when she heard a car horn ahead.

"What took you so long? And what the hell happened to you? You look like a...mess."

Liu Yang eyed at his disheveled hair and shirt with suspiscion the moment she sat on the passenger's seat.

"Huh? Nothing...I just...got stumbled on the way to my car."

Maybe because of exhaustion, Liu Yang didn't dig deep into their conversation any further even though she was curious. She nodded and closed her eyes.

Seeing her being uninterested, Wan Li heaved a big sigh of relief and stepped on the gas as the the car entered the traffic with their exhausted bodies.


Guan Ning narrowed his eyes, double-checking if it really is her under the dim light coming from the building behind and the street lights outside.

Looking at the bored expression of the woman meters away from his car, Guan Ning's heart leapt with joy.

It's her! It's Liu Yang! She looks different without her glasses today.

The door of his car clicked open and his towering figure ascended. He took graceful strides towards her.

He is about a few steps away from her, when someone blew their car horn beside her. Guan Ning stopped in his tracks and was about to yell at the driver up ahead, when he saw who it was.

It was that friend of hers again. Are they living together?

"No fucking way. Impossible!" he whispered to himself.

Wait. Why is he getting angry about the thought of them living together. It's none of his business, right?

And why was he so excited when he saw her? Fuck adrenaline rush!

Guan Ning mockingly laughed at himself when he suddenly his phone rings.

"I'm already downstairs."

"Yeah. I'll wait for you in my car."

"Okay, bye."

The car was long gone as Guan Ning lifted his head up. He then went back inside his car and waited for Min Chu to arrive.
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