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Liu Yang worked at Yinyang Publishing. One of the most prestigious publishing house in Xinjiang. Some of the most famous authors are from Yinyang and some novels were made into television series.

Liu Yang has been in Yinyang for over a year now and was able to publish her first novel during her stay. She solely write fiction romance novels while Xu Wan Li writes thriller novels. They both entered the same year and was able to make it. They both have a passion for writing.

Liu Yang opened the word document and started to write. But nothing is entering her mind right now. She massaged her temples and drink from her coffee, thinking that it would help her get some ideas. But failed.

She closed her eyes and sighed long and hard. She glanced at the time and noticed that it's still early for lunch. But she really is starving. The coffee didn't help. She paused and stared at her computer screen blankly.

Liu Yang once again remembered the nightmare she had had. And once again, a sudden pain in heart crept. She didn't even noticed Xu Wan Li standing beside her.

"Yangyang?" Wan Li called.

Liu Yang jolted from her seat and look up.

"What are you thinking? Why are you so spaced out?" Wan Li asked.

"It's nothing. I'm just having a hard time thinking about how to revise my novel," she said. "Why are you here again, anyway? Don't you have work to do?"

"Obviously I'm here to ask you for lunch."

"Is it lunch time already?" Liu Yang glanced at her watch and saw that it's already past eleven. She wasted that much time spacing out? She need to take a breather.

"Are we still eating or not?" Wan Li protested.

"What do you want to eat? Western or Chinese?" she asked while turning her computer off.

"Ahhmm, I think I would like to have Western today," Wan Li said while rubbing his tummy.

"Let's go, then," Liu Yang said flatly.

Xu Wan Li frowned when Liu Yang brushed past him. "What's wrong with her?" he muttered to himself.

Since Yinyang Publishing is situated in the heart of Xinjiang, all of the necessities can also be found just around the corner. As the two exited the building, they entered Wan Li's car and sped through the traffic.

After 10 minutes, they entered a restaurant that is famous for its Italian cuisines. Advance reservations are made if you're going to eat in this restaurant – either online or by phone.

La Pasta.

They are greeted by a waiter and ushered them in their seat that Liu Yang arranged in advance for the two of them. As they take their seat, the waiter gave them the menus.

Wan Li's eyes bulged as he saw the prices of the food. 'Fuck! Is this even legal?' He cursed in his mind. He's not a fan of these kind of places.

"Are you sure you can afford it here? We can change restaurants now," Wan Li whispered. Afraid that somebody could hear.

He looked at Liu Yang and saw how stone faced his friend is. Liu Yang didn't even flinch glancing at the menu.

The Wan Li said, "You don't have to pretend to be cool or something. Friend, just tell me now so we can go."

Liu Yang rolled her eyes and looked at Wan Li. "Don't you have faith in me? Are you even my friend?"

"Jeez, just saying. Are you sure I can order anything?" Wan Li insisted.

Liu Yang glared at him.

"Okay girl, chill. Don't blame me afterwards," Wan Li said and raised the menu to his face.
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