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On Sunday, Yu Mei and Li Jun left Liu Yang's house late in the afternoon, only Wan Li is left behind.

As Monday came, their entire day started to become crowded with schedules, especially Wan Li and Liu Yang who have meetings with their authors that they didn't even noticed the time.


Guan Ning arrived early at Yinyang Enterprise. All the employees eyed him with awe written in their eyes, especially the females.

Today, he wore a fine gray suit with a white tie; his hair neatly combed, showing his forehead that made him even more dashing; and of course, with his signature smile plastered on his face.

He took the private elevator and went straight to his brother's office. The secretary greeted him with all smiles which he reciprocated that made her feel like she's on cloud nine.

As Guan Ning pushed the door open, he cursed on his mind as he saw Su Bin's profile gradually sipping a cup of coffee. How punctual can this guy be?

He took the seat opposite to his cousin and asked, "Where's Ge?"

Su Bin puts the cup down before answering, "He'll arrive shortly after dropping Min Chu off at the publishing."

"Oh." Guan Ning only said, his expression looked complicated that caught Su Bin's attention.

"Hey…" Su Bin was about to start a conversation when the door opened, suddenly revealing the secretary with a tray filled with different snacks. As she puts the tray on the table, her eyes darted at Guan Ning and gave him a wide and meaningful smile. She even purposely bent her body to expose her cleavage.

What surprised Su Bin was when Guan smiled back at her and arched his brow. He almost spit the coffee in his mouth to his face.

"Chick magnet," he whispered as the secretary left.

"You saying something?"

"Yu Mei agreed," he deliberately changed the subject; afraid that he'll smack his face with the cup in his hands.

Guan Ning narrowed his eyes at him but then calmly said, "Good. You set when and where."

Su Bin just nodded. Silence enveloped the wide office as Guan Qing entered. He went straight to his desk and took a seat on his swivel chair, retrieving some documents in a drawer. Then, he strode his tall body to the couch, sitting right next to his brother.

"Guan, I have some assignments for you. Study it carefully. Right now, you'll be meeting with the board. They're already waiting, let's go."

Leaving no room for negotiation, he rose from his seat and headed towards the door. The two gaped at each other, completely stunned. This is the first time that they've seen Guan Qing this serious.

"Wait, Ge. How come I didn't knew about this?" with confusion written on his face, Guan Ning followed his brother right before he could open the door.

His brother paused. "You'll know when we get there," he answered without looking at him that made Guan Ning even more suspicious. The two of them followed Guan Qing to the conference room.

The moment they entered, the room was already full of people. Guan Ning scanned the large room, and his face turned rigid as he saw a familiar face.

"Let's begin," Niu Yizhang ordered with a dominating tone and the room immediately quieted down. The three of them settled on the empty seats in front.

Guan Ning's cheerful mood immediately turned gloomy. His face is now stony as he listened to his father speak.

"I know all of you knew why we are gathered here today," he started as he looked at each and everyone inside the room.

"My eldest son, Guan Qing, decided to step down as the CEO. As the biggest shareholder and the chairman of Yinyang Enterprise, I decided to appoint my youngest son, Guan Ning. Most of you may have not heard of him, the reason for it is because he'd been studying abroad for a long time. Actually, we are gathered here today for three reasons: first, I would like to introduce to you, your new CEO."
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