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He immediately dialed his number. It ringed endlessly. He was about to hang up when a raspy voice came from the other line.

"My house in 5 minutes," without no room for negotiation, he hung up and went to the bathroom.

On the other end, the sleepy Su Bin cursed him countless times. Good thing they are living in the same neighborhood or else…

Though their live in the same area, their houses are still far from each other and walking will take at least 10 to 15 minutes. He immediately showered and went straight to Guan's house.

As he stepped into the living room, he saw Guan Ning walking his way down the stairs wearing a white shirt and trunks with a towel on his head, indicating he just finished showering.

"What is it this time?" Su Bin greeted as he followed him to the kitchen and sat on the counter.

Guan Ning glared at him and frowned. "What do you mean 'this time'? Can't I call you anytime? You're going to be my assistant, remember?"

"Will you please stop insisting that matter?" Su Bin retorted as he rolled his eyes. "Where's G?"

"She left a while ago."

Guan Ning stopped talking back and prepared breakfast while Su Bin is just watching his graceful movements. Then he faced Su Bin with a plate on his hand that contains a scrambled egg and some toasts; very western.

"Want some?" he offered. His cousin nodded. "Then go make some for yourself. Come outside once you finished." He strode towards the garden, leaving the dejected Su Bin behind.

"Fuck you man, really! So heartless," he whispered, out of Guan Ning's earshot. After making himself some breakfast, he followed Guan Ning outside who is reading the morning paper. He took the seat opposite to him.

"Why did you lie, you traitor?" feeling his presence, Guan Ning started talking with his face still on the paper.

"What do you mean?" confused, Su Bin took a spoonful of fried rice into his mouth.

"Then, explain this," Guan Ning passed his phone to him. Su Bin took it and as his eyes darted on the screen, he choked on his food. He immediately drank the cup of coffee in front of him.

"Guilty, are we?" his cousin gave him a cold glare as he folded the newspaper. "Why did you meet with her? I clearly remembered you said 'girlfriend' last night. How did you know where she was and recognized her face? I remember I told you to find her friend. Why..."

In the middle of his drinking, Su Bin raised his left hand in front of Guan Ning's face to stop him from talking, which a matter of fact, made him stopped talking.

"What?!" exasperated, Guan Ning exclaimed.

Su Bin puts the cup down and bursts into laughter while shaking his head. "Why are you so worked up about it? Does she matter to you that much?"

Guan Ning was taken aback. Just now he realized his reaction and fell silent as he slump his body on the chair.

"Hey, look, I did not lie to you," Su Bin clarified. He saw his cousin's conflicted look and his eyes shined bright.

"Are you falling for her?" Su Bin probed, looking at how he will react this time.

Guan Ning scoffed. "Impossible." He massaged temples and suddenly blurted, "Min Chu invited me to a dinner date," changing the subject.

Su Bin's hand turned stiff for a second. "When?"

"This Monday."

"I think you better go." He suggested. After saying this, he saw Guan Ning rubbing the nails of his two fingers together – he's itching for a smoke. It's still too early in the morning but Su Bin decided to toss an unopened cigarette pack and lighter on the table.

As Guan Ning saw this, he sighed and reached for the items. His cousin really knew him better. "Is it really possible for me to fall in love…again?"

He frowned a little and chuckled. What nonsense is he spouting? For a man like him talking this way is a little…absurd, and awkward, and…unnerving. He looked at Su Bin who is completely ignoring him and is enjoying his food.

"I still haven't forgave you and you still haven't given me an acceptable explanation about what happened."
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