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They all had an odd look on their faces as they heard their boss roared in anger.

Min Chu. The Editor-in-Chief of Yinyang Publishing, and the wife of the CEO of Yinyang Enterprises, Niu Guan Qing, is known for her work ethics. She is strict to her colleagues and subordinates. Nobody wants to be on her bad side. They don't want to wake up the dragon. They all even wondered how the handsome CEO of Yinyang Enterprises fell in love to this demoness.

Today is their lucky day!

Everyone held their breath. Because if they don't, they think they're gonna be eaten alive.

"I want every manuscript that you have in hand be shredded!" she roared again.

Everyone was dumbfounded! They could not utter any word and they're on the verge of crying. Can Ms. Min be more considerate?! Does she know how many sleepless nights were spent just to submit those manuscripts on time?! Everyone protested in their thoughts the same thing.

Min Chu raised a brow and flatly said, "Within two months, I'm expecting newly revised plot about your novels. Meeting adjourned." And she coldly exited the room without any argument.

The room is eerily quiet. Only the clicking of her heels can be heard. The jaw dropping contest is still commencing after Min Chu uttered those words. They're all wishing that this meeting will be just another nightmare they have at night.


They all jolted from their seat and come to their senses after hearing the loud bang caused by the door closing. All they could do was rise from their seat, go to their respective stations and start revising their previous work. They don't have a choice anyway.

Liu Yang massaged her temples as she sit in her desk. She had seen this headache coming. She looked at her wrist watch and noticed that it is only 9:30 am. That 2-hour meeting drained all her energy.

She then heard her stomach grumble. 'Fuck!' she cursed in her head. She's starving. She didn't have the chance to grab breakfast a while ago because she's already late. Liu Yang opened her PC.

As she waiting for it to open, she rise from her seat and went to the breakroom to grab some coffee, at least to appease her grumbling stomach. When she got back, she saw Xu Wan Li leaning against her desk, waiting for her.

As she stood next to him, she asked, "What are you doing here?" and sipped her coffee.

"Can I not visit my beloved friend at work?" Wan Li said, emphasizing the word 'beloved'.

Liu Yang raised her brow and amusingly said, "Really? Come on, cut the crap. I know you have something to say. What is it? I'm busy here."

Wan Li: "…"

Liu Yang: "What?"

Wan Li composed himself and pitifully said, "Girl, you hurt me. Actually I'm just here to remind you about Yu Mei and Li Jun are back from their respective vacations. We'll be having a party this Friday. You better come, 'kay?"

Liu Yang rolled her eyes. "Of course I know that. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Now, get out of here."

"Okay, okay. Oh, and let's go have lunch together. Your treat. Bye, love you!"

Before Liu Yang could even retort to what Wan Li said, he's already gone. "Crazy," she muttered while laughing and watching his retreating figure.
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